Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CTC Training Camp!


This weekend rocked! First ever CTC Training Camp. We ate, we drank, we trained, we learned and we laughed! Good times!

Loaded down the RV with major amounts of food for the camp after some power shopping trips and headed out Friday afternoon to Mohican about 2.5 hours away.

Upon arrival, I kicked my feet up and just enjoyed some beers and good conversation. There was a very popular headlight trail run that night which I opted out of on account of my tender tibia and trying not to overdue it.

Saturday morning came fast and was kicked off with a warm up clinic and lots of drills like high knee, butt kickers, lunges, striders, grapevine, etc. It really does feel good to wake up the muscles and then I was off on a mountain bike ride. My Team Lake Effect Teammate, Todd and I took the lead on the mountain bike ride. It was time to put some miles in on the new mtb! Oh the full suspension 29r is such a change from my 26 hard tail. It was a blast with lots of climbs and in less than 3 hours we were done with the 24 mile course! WHAT A BLAST!

The camp had various road and mtn bike distance options for this 3 hour time slot and you could pick and choose accordingly...(would not want to scare anyone away thinking about this for next year)

Then it was time for some lunch, sandwiches, chips, fruit...good, easy stuff! Then we had a choice of swim clinic with videotape or bike skills clinic, then transition clinic, then nutrition clinic. Lots of good stuff here!

Afterwards I headed out for a 6.5 mile run on the paved path feeling pretty fresh still. Upon return, it was a much needed shower time before getting ready for dinner. It was quite a job to drain that many pasta noodles from such a giant pan, let me tell ya! It took 3 of us! Pasta, salad, bread, veggies, salad and ICE CREAM like drum sticks, heath bars and sandwiches! Mmmmmm!

There was one last clinic Saturday which included periodization and planning your training to race day before chilling by the fire over another earned beer!

Oh we had a lot of good laughs thoughout the day....some of the biggest was brought on when a unicycle emerged and people took turns giving it a go! :-)

Sunday was a core workout and then a road ride! The roads down there are just beautiful. We found a very lightly travelled flat road which would be great for some intervals next year and then we headed over to climb some hills around the Mohican State Park. Did I mention how gorgeous it was??? Although it was a little cool both days, it was not too bad thankfully and I was sooo happy that it did not rain!

Then I started the not so fun part of packing up and just when I thought my workouts were over, I had to unload the rv which WAS SOOO FULL, start laundry, put things away, and on and on! Big kudos to all the others like Tim, Todd, Brandon, Mindy who helped pitch in with everything. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST my husband, Joey, who did so much to help out and provided some entertainment along the way!

Anyways I think everyone had fun and learned something! So here are some random comments from my weekend there!

• I kidnapped my mother for a shopping trip that would overwhelm any car. My mother had no idea what she was getting into when I said I needed to pick up a few things for the club camp. Thank goodness it was all going down to camp in an RV!
• There is a reason why triathletes all have vehicles with a lot of storage. And holy crap can we pack a lot of stuff!
• Fire, beer and conversation = a very good time
• That was a big bathroom but a small cabin for so many adults!
• Flips flops apparently are not a good choice for warm-up shoes but they did great for longer than expected (way to go Julia!)
• Yes, my new mtn bike rules and the Mohican Mountain bike trails are SO much fun even when trying to not slow Todd down too much! Oh and as a bonus, who needs maps when you have well marked mountain bike trails!
• Don’t ask about going to the bathroom at transition.
• You can learn a lot from swim video analysis, including who slept through it!
• Don’t hide ice cream sandwiches from Tiffany 
• You can fit a lot of people in a small cabin!
• Is there something wrong when you first meet someone and you ask if they want to share a bed?
• Only so much food can sit on one table.
• Did I mention Mohican is hilly? But oh do hilly park roads make for such beautiful road rides!
• Craig is part pyro.
• Who knew CTC was teaching unicycling at camp?
• Watching newbies learn unicycling is VERY FUNNY!
• Hot tubs RULE!
• Mapmyride turn by turn lies.
• 20 or 30 degrees more would have been nice, but who needs that when you’re tough and you have other peeps around to train with!
• Thought the weekend’s workouts were over until I got home and started unloading the rv!
• Major props to “There’s no need to fear, underdog Tim is here!” for coordinating camp details!
• Nothing beats a weekend full of food, good people, lots of training, lots of learning and gorgeous scenery!


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Julia said...

It really was a great weekend. Thanks again for all your hard-work!

Michelle Simmons said...

Sounds like a great time!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok I am jealous, I am going to tell my team leader and sponsors to throw us a camp!! Sounded like a blast.