Thursday, March 25, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Why is swimming always the big loser???

Simple answer is really convenience!

Living out in the boonies has its pros and cons. The con with regard to me getting in my swim workouts is that the pool is over 25 miles away and still not close to the office. At least it is on the way.

This week has been good and bad.

Monday was right on target. I have meant to get up to swim each of the past three mornings but my stupid cold won't go away and everyday I have opted to sleep in and skipped swimming. Fortunately for me, running and biking can be picked up pretty easily at lunch or in the evening so still hitting the target there!

Tuesday was another Grueling Gorris Bike Workout. It was 75 minutes long which included 60 min alternating between LT and Z3. As the LT time increased and the Z3 time decreased, I found myself playing mind games to stay committed and stay strong. Wow, that was tough BUT nailed it! Yeah!

Wednesday, ran with the boys and ESpeed on a lunch time run downtown Cleveland. That was interesting! We did what they call the movie run. Takes you out past some of the places that have been used in movies, across some cool pedestrian only bridges, over highways and into some really sketchy neighborhoods. It was kind of funny to have a posse of 8 of us runners at high noon trotting through the ghetto! Ran an easy 8 min mile pace for 7.4 miles.

That night the hubby and I had been planning an easy bike ride together but unfortunately I gave him a bad present-my cold! So he took a pass and I decided to get in Gorris workout 2 since it was short! Only 39 minutes of big gear, low cadence work. 39 minutes is still plenty of time to get really sweaty though!

This weekend, the husband and I are planning to spend Saturday night down south with our friends and go motorcycle riding all day Sunday. This means no Sunday workout and shuffling the schedule to somehow get everything else in somewhere else.

So today, in the cold rain, I planned to meet a friend for my long run during a long lunch hour (er two!). It was supposedly 49 but windy and rainy. I chose my boston long sleeve shirt, shorts and rev 3 visor! Not wearing gloves was a huge mistake. I should have known better, especially with the Raynauds I am pretty sure I suffer from. 25 minutes in I tried to tuck my hand into little balls and pull them into my shirt as much as I could but my hands were still so cold!

Pace target was to start at 8:15 and work down to 7:45 which was executed well especially considering it was an out and back and we negative split the second half nicely which was all into the wind.

13.71 M, 7:59 avg pace, 163 avg HR
First half averaged 8:07, second half 7:50 with last few miles being closer to 7:30.

I got back from that run and it took me 4EVER to get my calf sleeves and socks off because my hands did not work and while I was in a hurry to get back to the office, I could just not pry myself out of the long shower! While the run felt good, the chilly hands put me into such a miserable state! Glad I can check that off my list for the week!

So now I definitely need to swim the next two days but I just have no idea where I can get my brick in...that may need to wait until Monday! Last indoor cycling class Saturday!


jessithompson said...

Way to rock it through the tough running conditions and make the workout happen in a full week!

KimZepp said...

When I told a doc my symptoms a couple of years ago, he said I have Raynaud's, too. Just getting something out of the freezer can cause numbness. I always have trouble after workouts in cool temps outside. I'm about ready to look into some sort of treatment!
Good job getting outside in this yucky weather! I stayed inside for a ride today.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Did you all get this nasty snow like we did in Central Ohio, I was hoping indoor biking was over for the season.

Matty O said...

Nice job nailing the run workout yesterday! I was shocked at how cold my hands were without gloves the other night too. I hate Cleveland weather :) haha! Your times are awesome too, great consistency!