Thursday, March 04, 2010

Brightening My Day!


This morning captured the essence of one of those things I have missed so much!

Cleveland, OH has a had so many cold gray days this winter. Not only that, my tibia stress fracture had sat me on the sidelines and my will-run-in-any-weather attitude had me stuck inside all winter. I have missed the daylight I got on my runs. I have missed the hiliarity that ensued when I ran with the girls in blizzard like conditions. I have really missed the conversations with my running friends. I have missed watching the sunrise. AND OH YES, I HAVE SO VERY BADLY MISSED RUNNING!

This morning was the return to all things right for me. I drove into downtown Cleveland and met one of my favorite running friends in the darkness and removed my scarf and coat ready for my second outdoor run of the year (first being Sunday). With the beeps of our garmins we took off down the side walk down around Browns stadium, out past the Rock Hall and headed out Marginal alongside Lake Erie.

As we shared stories, the light became brighter and brighter and illuminated the sky with the full beauty of the sunrise! (Yes, not the one in the picture but equally as beautiful). It is hard to imagine much of a better way to start my workday!

PS- No TIBIA PAIN TODAY ON THE RUN! (Still feeling very touch and go on this one. Some days it still seems to bother me and sometimes I have good days. Hard to know what to think!)
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