Wednesday, March 24, 2010



TRI SWIM is one of the Team Trakkers Sponsors. Awhile back I had got a package from Tri Swim. It included the following items-

* FOGGLE: anti-fog towelette that cleans the lens while defogging.
* TRISLIDE: an anti-friction/anti-chafing continuous spray skin lubricant
* TRISWIM SHAMPOO: Aqua Therapy Chlorine-Out Shampoo contains Organic Aloe
* TRISWIM CONDITIONER- salon quality Conditioner pampers your hair as it highly moisturizes.
* TRISWIM BODY WASH- Chlorine-Out Body Wash contains Aloe which moisturizes and helps protect from environmental elements like the sun.
* TRISWIM LOTION-TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Lotion is a unique and innovative formula that hydrates and moisturizes the skin while neutralizing Chlorine and Chlorine odor.

I used the foggle right away and it was so nice to actually be able to see out of by goggles.

Last week the last of my other supplies was running low so I switched in the Tri Swim Shampoo, Lotion, Body Wash and Conditioner. Now for some strange reason I have always sort of liked the lingering smell of chlorine on me after the pool. Maybe it was the reinforcement that I knew I had got my swim in, perhaps it just made me feel extra clean. Regardless, it is weird that now that I switched to these products, the lingering chlorine smell is totally gone and I am not missing it!

Now i am not usually that particular with my product selection. Every now and then I will buy salon products for my hair but it gets expensive with all my hair washing so often I just get what it on sale....but now I am not sure so sure! My hair just gets put through the ringer with constantly washing, blow drying, curling iron, hairspray, flat get the picture! Anyways my hair seems to be in much better shape now that I have started using these products and I LOVE the smell of the light citrus products. I recently caught myself in the locker room after our group swim raving about how much I loved this stuff and decided it was time to blog about it!

If only this had been around when I was a kid that loved the pool so much that I always ended up with green plantinum blond hair! So for what it is worth, if you are constantly in chlorine, you may want to check out Tri Swim!
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jessithompson said...

Yeah... I'm lovin' the TriSwim too! My daughter is on a swim team and I think it's catching on like wildfire there. Their hair isn't as much green as it is brassy and feels and looks like straw. This stuff is great!

Beth said...

Does the foggle really work? I've been use the old fashioned spit method but just may have to try this! Diggin your blog and looking forward to following you :)

KimZepp said...

Do any of our local shops carry this, or do we have to order it online?

DaisyDuc said...

Beth, yes it works for me!

Kim, I think this is something you will need to pick up online.