Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to Focus!


Well the last week has been one big whirlwind of activity...and not so much on the fitness side but definitely FUN! Celebrated St. Malachi, Night out at Rays & Great Lakes Brewery, St. Pats, my birthday and then capped it off with a big party Saturday!

Unfortunately I now have a stupid cold but nonetheless Operation Lean Out/Focus has now commenced which means an extreme belt tightening of all this playful behavior! (And I really think after last week I got it out of my system...at least for a little while :-) )

Yesterday, Monday March 22nd I started my 11 week training plan leading up to the Rev 3 Half Iron out at Quassy. (Knock on wood) The tibia seems to be holding up well and I am optimistic that all systems are go!

Yesterday hit masters swim at lifetime for a total of 2500 m. Workout included-

400 Free
4 x 25 one arm lead
4 x 25 fingertip
4 x 25 catch up
4 x 25 fingertip
4 x 25 catch up
4 x 25 one arm lead
1000 TT
100 ez
4 x 25 hard
200 cd
+ extra 100 pull

My time trial was so-so. To be honest, this was my first straight 1000 set in awhile. I should probably start doing more of them and some other longer ones. I just did it nice and slow and steady and felt comfortable the whole time...no doubt, way too comfortable!

A couple issues of note a) my turns (which are still not flip turns) are so slow...not a big deal in the tri world but it sure would help my times here as I see how much ground I lose here. b) there was no one that I was trying to keep up with as there was just two of us at MS and he was not even doing the same workout. Competitive Daisy would have done much better working with someone. I did not want to post the time for the world to see but I will probably forget it if I don't so it was 21:50 for 1000 M.

Lunch workout was my focus run. Target run was 2 or 3x 1.5 mi runs at 6:55-7:15 pace with 2 min ez between. I felt pretty good and did the following. Fortunately I still felt like I had plenty left at the end of each interval!

1M w/u at 9 min mile pace
1.5 mi at 6:53 pace
2 min EZ
1.5 mi at 6:53 pace
2 min ez
1.5 mi at 6:48 pace
cooldown to finish 7 miles at 8:30 pace

Rough start today (Tuesday) as I really wanted to bike in the AM and strength train at lunch but still under the weather so I reset the alarm when it went off and opted to skip the strength workout and bike at lunch. I bet it was a good call because I doubt I would have been able to knock out a solid workout this morning with how I felt. I am actually quite surprised I managed to conquer the 75 minute killer LT/ Z3 workout at lunch as it was a toughie! Holy crap was I a disgusting sweaty mess. I swear the only time I have felt good the last two days was when I was working out and could actually breathe...FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS!

Despite the stupid cold, just enjoying the level of commitment to the plan!
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allanjel said...

21:50!! You would have been eaten by a snapper for sure had you been in the lake!!

TT = Take your Time :o)-- just kidding!!

Nice job tadpole!!! I'd don't even think I could swim 1000 without holding the lane lines now.

jessithompson said...

Nice run splits. Sheesh! Good luck with the cold...take care of yourself do you don't drag it out.

Kiersten said...

Yes...see, I think I get to reserve team Trakkers rights to being the "slow" swimmer. My last 1000m time trial was 25 minutes (I didn't go out hard enough initially, so I know I can get it down a bit, but I am sloooooooooow). Sounds like you will make it up on the bike. :) Countdown to Quassy.