Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just for kicks!


So some new Saucony shoes came via Brown Santa recently as they are one of my Team Trakkers sponsors.

Oh new running shoes are always enough to brighten this girls day even if it is just another cold, snowy, Ohio gray day!

At first glance, I gotta say, "I totally dig this color!"

Now I was going to write up a post about this awhile ago but it was not until yesterday that I could do it justice as you all needed a picture!

The side story...

The last time I could remember having my camera was the day I fractured my arm about 6 weeks ago at Rays. The little camera went everywhere with me, just in case! Now I have always had some issues with this one prized little possession of mine. (That is why I try to keep these to a maximum expense of $100 or so!) One camera went down due to a cracked viewing screen which probably resulted from being in a soft case in my purse and me rooting around for something or another. Another camera went mia after I think I left in the bathroom after Akron Marathon. So when this camera went mia, I was at a loss. I thought it was time for yet another new camera. Booo! Yet, it just seemed to me that I could not recall anywhere I would have lost it. After turning over every pillow, checking every bag and anywhere I could think of over and over again, Sunday it made its re-appearance! Woot! Woot! I found it in a coat pocket I rarely use. I am not sure when I put it in there....perhaps I threw the coat on to snap some pictures of Mr. Matches one day and just forgot???? Regardless, I ran upstairs and jumped around cheering with my camera to my husband! Hooodihoo, time for pictures again! To think just Sunday afternoon I was pricing out a new camera at the store! Yippee!

So back to the shoes! To be quite honest this is my first pair of Saucony running shoes so I was a tiny bit nervous. I laced these good looking shoes up and hopped on the treadmill. The first thing I noticed was that they had a lot of soft cushioning which felt good to my little feet-zies! The fit seems just right for me. I am really hoping that the extra support will be just what the doctor ordered to help keep my devil tibia issues at bay!

I do have to be honest though. Sunday was my first return back to pavement since my running hiatus and it was a gloriously fun 10.6 mile run with some of my favorite running girls and Bob, who got me started running! The roads were wet from salt and snow covered in spots. I could not bear to wear my stunningly clean Saucony shoes outside yet and get them all dirty just yet....soon though!
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Kiersten said...

I got to wear my new Saucony shoes outside for the first time in Florida. I have been using them on the treadmill, but like you I couldn't bear to get them dirty outside with all the snow and salt here.