Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you mother nature!


It is now November in Ohio and still I am getting out and enjoying some gorgeous weather!

Today is now day 10 of no running. While I felt a little lost this weekend without it, I survived. I did miss the Pigskin 5K and I cannot believe I will be skipping the turkey trot this week, but thankfully I am finding plenty of fun ways to occupy my time!

Last week marked my first masters swims. The only thing I am wondering now is, why did I wait so long to do these?

Over the weekend I was really looking forward to the road ride that I found out about Friday with the Cleveland Touring Club on Sunday. (I had switched gears to marathon training at the end of September and I believe this was my first outdoor road ride since then!) Sunday's ride left out of Concord and consisted of 60 miles of moderate riding through rolling nicely paved roads. We rode down through Chardon, took a lunch break at Punderson, out to Burton and winded our way back. It was hard to believe in November, that there was a group of 17 of us all out there enjoying the sunshine! Truly a wonderful way to spend the day, capped off by a late lunch at Mentor Winking Lizard!

Weekly rundown went as such-
Monday, 11/16 - 3000 M Swam
Tuesday, 11/17 – OFF
Wednesday, 11/18 – 10 Miles Biked (stationary), Core/ Weights
Thursday, 11/19 – 1000 M Swam, 20 M Biked (trainer)
Friday, 11/20 – 2700 M Swam, 10 Miles Biked (stationary), Core/ Weights, 10 M Mtn Biked (Rays Indoor)
Saturday, 11/21- OFF
Sunday, 11/22 – 60 Miles Biked (Road Bike, Outside!)
Total for the week-
Swam – 6700 Meters
Biked – 110 Miles

PS- Don't rent good movies the night before masters...I had stayed up last night past midnight to watch Star Wars and The Proposal. Let me tell you how early 4:45am felt! TG it is a short week!
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E-Speed said...

did you like the proposal? The chanting scene cracks me up! Share your good news on the blog!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Yes, Joey and I were laughing out loud at the chanting scene....

News will be posted soon...just covering all my bases first!