Friday, November 20, 2009

Blessing in Disguise?


Yesterday I hit the ortho doc for some Xrays and an appointment. I had been keeping this on the DL as I was hoping it was no big deal. The prior two weeks I had developed some sort of tenderness alongside by tibia bone or in the tendon alongside it. This seeemed strange as I have been doing low HR running since the October 18th marathon so I am not sure what brought it on.

Regardless, generally I can run through most things but this in particular seemed like something I should treat carefully as I did not want to turn a little thing into a big thing by not taking the appropriate rest.

While being slightly present the prior two weeks, I noticed that when I ran 7 miles last Thursday with Elizabeth,the pain seemed pronounced the whole way. It was not terribly painful, just a dull pain. The pain had started to set in constantly even when I was walking. Friday I ran 8.5 with NA & GW and again I could feel it with every step of our easy paced run. Afterwards I decided I would not run until I got it looked at, sort of fearing I might have some sort of stress fracture.

Thank goodness last weekend we were away mountain biking and running was not on the mind!

This week had been insane with work so that helped pass the days until I finally got into the doctor Thursday and get a couple Xrays.

I was so thankful to hear that it was "Nothing of major concern". Xray reflects a bit of fuzziness in tender bone area which suggests there is stress in that region trying to heal. Nonetheless, no cracks and obviously very early. Ice, no running for a couple weeks (figure I will take Nov off), stretching & strengthening exercises and no pain relievers (as they said it could delay the healing).

So not too bad. Who knows it may be a blessing in disguise as I have been hitting the bike and swim harder the last week which is probably what I need anyways! The only real disappointment is that I will be sitting out Pigskin and TT.

I am happy to report that thanks to two masters swims Monday and Friday and one short trip to the JCC I am almost to 7000 M Swam this week...this blows away any other week EVER! Oh and I have decided I really like Masters Swim. Look out soon as I am joining this program and plan to swim LOTS this winter! Guess I may actually need to figure out these flips turns and Butterfly stroke somehow!

And without running, I have realized that is due time to get my butt on the bike regularily. Thankfully the husband even seems motivated to ride and sent me this pic at 5 last night wondering if I was ready to ride when I got home! Hells yeah I was ready and this resulted in me being a nasty sweaty mess. Three things were crystal clear last night-

A) I sweat a disgusting amount
B) My floor is so slanted (my nasty sweat pool was trying a to make a break for it towards the bar)
C) My dog is not so bright (silly Matches, my golden will not quit trying to put his head right next to pedal which resulted in more than one bump on the head)
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