Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More great November weather!


The hectic life continues...

Super big work reception went off last night and was a big success. I can breathe easy today so guess I should take a minute get back on track.

November continues to be a month of trying to stay active before getting on a routine schedule in December.

A couple items of note within the past week or so-

Going into last weekend, my calendar was strangely bare and again we scored another promising weather forecast. On Thursday we decided it was time for one last trip of the season over to Raystown Lake for some glorious mountain biking along the Allegrippis Trails! Who would have thought we would get in such great riding in November! The leaves were packed down and riding conditions were fast and fun. I swear this place always leaves me feeling like a little kid as I cannot get the word "Weee!" out of my head as I hit the never ending kickers on this trail which feels like you are just riding the world's longest pump track. Such good fun!

We had planned to camp but it was looking a little cold, so I started spending some time doing research and found us this sweet affordable cottage to stay in which was loaded with all the conveniences of home...! Oh and the best thing about PA, is that on our way, we had to hit the distributor and pick up some Yuengling to enjoy post ride of course! I think those PA distributors start grabbing the Yuengling cases the moment they see OH plates roll in!

Moving on, this week I hit my first masters swim ever! I woke up a dark thirty Monday morning and drove to CSU for Masters Swim. I was happy to get the first one out of the way. It always feels like a bit of a chore to figure out where to park, where to go, what I am doing the first go around! So glad that is done!

I was glad to find out that I felt comfortable and was not feeling overwhelmed swimming next to so many fine swimmers. I figured this would be super convenient for me and would serve as good motivation. This clearly was the case! I plan to make this a regular thing and suppose I will have to cough up the money next week to officially join.

Now if only my leg that has been bothering me a bit running would get squared around, all would be right with things! Doctor appt tomorrow to see what is going on!
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