Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"I hate it but I love it!"


- Tony Horton, the P90 X Man!

So over the last year or so I have dabbled with P90x.

For me, I just don't have enough time to follow the program to a tee with all of my triathlon related training, but if I can fit it in a couple times a week, I think it provides a nice balance, especially in the offseason. Plus there is a pretty decent yoga video which could prove to be pretty helpful to me if I took the time to do it more often.

I love the variety in the exercises and I marvel at some of them I see (like the flying pushups). Plus I think I got this warped sense of humor that I just think Tony Horton hilarious! IMO these exercises in general seem to have a lot of full body weight exercises that can be really challenging and often target multiple muscle groups....hence more bang for the buck in a time-constrained environment!

Yesterday (at 6AM already in downtown Cleveland) was my first experience with the Plyometrics DVD with my girl, CV (I have done a lot of the other dvds before but not that particular one). It is billed as an "Explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance." Picture lots of different varieties of lunges, squats, jumps, kicks, etc. Oh my quads, hammies, and most parts of my legs are screaming at me today!

Well today, in the spirit of election day, I am beginning to think I should start lobbying for all toilets to have the mandatory Handicap grab bars as my tail is so sore and sitting down is painful!

But, still I think, "Bring It!"
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duchossois said...

Good on you for having the guts to try that. Just the phrase, "Explosive jumping cardio routine" was enough to scare me.

Mnowac said...

TOny is so funny. I have one of his ab videos and I have to laugh every time he points at this hot girls stomach and goes Niiiceeee. It's so pervy.

allanjel said...


DaisyDuc said...

Ms. Allanjel, I know you want to come do this video with me...it is now Wednesday and still hurting!

triguyjt said...

The Bride ran me through a variation of all that explosive stuff and it was very tough..but I really felt it...yikes....