Friday, November 06, 2009

Thank goodness it is the offseason!


Columbus marathon fell back on October 11th.

The next weekend revolved around the Merriman Mansion Halloween Party.

Then the next weekend revolved around the Halloween Party that trashed my house!

The last couple weeks have been filled with doing whatever I felt like and hitting the pumpkin ale and octoberfest!

But with the time change and the coming of November, it was once again try to light a fire under my butt to drag it out of bed in the morning for the early workouts.

This week I managed three early morning session of which left me terribly sore for 4 days!

While everyone knows I love a good party, I am looking forward to this weekend of the return to normalcy! Currently planning on hitting Rays Indoor Mtn bike park tonight, running part of the winter 50K course & putting some more miles on my Ducati tomorrow, and then following it up some more running, swimming and the CTC board meeting Sunday! TGIF!
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allanjel said...

Dude!!! You're like the female version of A.J.

Only thing is he is like 20!!! We are not!!!