Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Year, New Teams!

So I really have been wanting to spend some time updating the blog layout lately with some new links and information but there is just not enough time in my day. So since I don't have time to tinker with my template I will just blog about it!

I will give a quick plug to the only link I have updated in 2009 which is for Treadmills Guru which provides a guide to buying a treadmill for home fitness purposes. Lord knows a lot of us have been considering buying one of those if we did not already have one given us this year's lovely weather! One of these days here soon, I will actually get some more links that belong in the sidebar over there but for now, that will have to wait!

Anways, the big news which I am very excited about for 2009 is joining Team Lake Effect (TLE), a hard core cycling team. Guess I am going to have to work on my cycling game this year to fit in with this bunch!

Also, Bike Authority and Fleet Feet joined forces to put together a multi-sport team (which many TLE members are also on and now I am a member of that team as well! So 2009 should afford me lots of new training partners between these new teams! You can read more about More info here!

The beginning of the year has been so busy with meetings and some responsibilities to my little recreational groups which now include: Team Lake Effect, BAFF MultiSport Team, Cleveland Triathlon Club, Southeast Running Club and Cleveland Touring Club.


Bill said...

Welcome to the team Janet and thanks for making the meeting Monday. The weather has to break soon to at least be able to get out on the bike. Running is great outside when it's not a total blizzard, but it's not very good for riding.

Talk to you soon.

solarsquirrel said...

Hey Janet - are those teams by invite only?
I want to get more involved in tri's this year - any suggestions?

Brian said...

maybe you should join a masters swim group just to keep you level headed. :) You are a nut.

Mnowac said...

Congratulations on getting on these 2 teams. I'm sure you will have a rocking season.