Monday, February 02, 2009

Mad Monday Update 2/2

Prior week was a nice recovery week and last week was just getting back to it.

M 1/26 - AM -2.5 Mile Run Treadmill, 5 Miles Biked (Got to gym late and sulked because I was too late for spin class)

T 1/27 - AM -8.6 Mile Run with Downtown Group,
LUNCH -9 miles stationary bike, UBWO

W 1/28 - 3 Miles Treadmill (snowed in, was going to do track workout but skipped out on that in favor of getting in tempo on R)

R 1/29 - AM swim 1000 m, lunch tempo run (7 miles) with E on snowy roads, 2 hr 5 seasons indoor cycling (31 miles)

F 1/30 - 4 miles ran easy on treadmill at lunch (short on time)

S 1/31 - 14.5 miles ran with VR (8:30 pace), 28 miles biked (ran through cycle w/o with TB)

S 2/1 - 2650 yds swam at Reddy's clinic (included 20 minutes time trial and swam 1000 yards)

Swam: 3650 + yards
Ran: 39.6 Miles
Biked: 73 Miiles

In general, I am feeling recovered from BT50K.

On the swimming front from the one who has always neglected swimming totally and was doing awesome to get in 4000 meters a month past years.......

I can't say enough about how much more I have been enjoying swimming this year and am so glad I signed up for the Reddy clinic. Swimming in the group setting is much more enjoyable and I have been fortunate enough to have had some buddies joining me more regularly in my pool which has been fun. Furthermore, swimming actual workouts that I can check off works for me too. Critique yesterday included making sure my thumbs entered water first, keeping arms down center line by chin instead of out to the side and pulling all the way through. I swim so much better on short stuff and during the 20 minute I just felt all my bad habits come right back. Still not swimming as much as I should be, but this year is far above where I have ever been so I will take it! Oh my lane mate and regular swim buddy, BH, is a perfect swim partner for me!

Next race Saturday--Dirty Dog 10K! Should be some fun footing but I should be used to that!


duchossois said...

You're off to a good start for 2009. Looking forward to seeing how you do at the Dirty Dog.

Brian said...

So you blew off sunday run for swimming? So, how far did you go for the 20 minutes?

Mnowac said...

Nice job on the swim workouts, I don't know if I can ever get into swimming, ugh.