Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mad Monday update 1/26

A day early!

So after the 50 Sunday...

M 1/19-10 mile easy spin followed by nice hot salt bath
T 1/20-off
W 1/21-1900 meter swim
R 1/22- 8 mile hilly run (7:48 pace) Good to be back running!
F 1/23- same 8 mile hilly run (7:50 pace - Just running what felt good in some mild conditions
S 1/24 - 2 hr Excel Cycling (31 miles)
S 1/25- 11.5 miles with SERC, showed up late and ran 7:55 first 6 and backed it off through the hills to average 8:13 pace
-2000 meter swim with BH and AH

Road Bike -41 Miles
Swam-3900 Meters

Feeling pretty well recovered and ready to start training plan for Pittsburgh mary this week with 3 key runs per week. Plan is to start focusing more on the bike.

Since a few asked, the Dirty Dog run is out in Cortland Ohio on Saturday Feb 7 I highly recommend it!!! It is gorgeous out by Mosquito Lake with a mix of terrain. Don't come out thinking you are going to set any 10K PRs as the course is not fast. As a sidenote, I have never done this race on anything but a bitterly cold morning and still there is always a ton of wonderful volunteers, support and enthusiastic racers. It is a great way to open the season. And lastly for anyone interested as we have done in years past, whoever wants to can join me in Parkman or Middlefield for breakfast afterwards is welcome!


duchossois said...

Glad to see you've bounced back from the winter BT50k so quickly, without any lingering aches or pains. See you on Sunday.

E-Speed said...

damn girl, after my gluttonous vacation I am going to be struggling to keep up with you at those paces!

Brian said... are going to be strong this season in just about all events. I'll still take you in the short course. :)