Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Realization

Spring marathon maybe?

I was thinking all along that I would probably run Cleveland Marathon.

I am really not that busy and have plenty of nights without much to do, but everytime I seem to have a big event planned something big comes up the night before.

Cleveland Marathon-the night before there was a Sunday in June (which I was co-directing) planning party

Silver Springs Du-Cousin Wedding

Greater Cleveland Half-High School Friends Wedding

Akron Towpath Mary-30th birthday party and friends house-warming party

So in thinking about next year I was hoping things might change but apparently this streak is set to continue.

I was leaning towards planning to do the Cleveland Marathon because it in my back yard which would mean no travel expenses. Yet, I just got a save the date for my cousin's wedding which of course would be the night before. Sigh! It would be that weekend. How dare her for not consulting my preliminary racing schedule! Just kidding...this special doll deserves to get married whenever she wants!

So anyway I guess I will think about some alternatives. There is always Boston but that would probably get expensive. Flying Pig and Pittsburgh are both 5/3 which seem to be the closest alternatives. Thoughts anyone???


E-Speed said...

Pittsburgh is supposed to be good and will probably be going all out since they are making a come back. Cinci is awesome, but definitely not an easy course.

Don't forget Traverse City Memorial Day weekend, you could turn it into a mtn bike trip too!

TrainingtoTri said...

The Pig is supposed to be a great race. Prep for hills though.

Michele said...

I vote for the Pig, since I will be there ;)

Joann said...

'Avenue of the Giants' is May 3rd! ;)

Brian said...

you're just the social bunny. how about once in a while if you have a race planned, saying no to the party?

Nick Billock said...

I love the'd have a blast down there. I don't think the course is any bit too challenging given where you train now. Not flat but not a killer, either. If you DO want to hop on a plane, the Eugene Marathon is also that weekend...on Prefontaine's stomping grounds...and a finish at the infamous Hayward Field.

ramblings of a runnner said...

we might be going down for the pig full or the pig half next year - so - something to think about if you want to save money by carpooling etc...
The pig is a pretty nice race. It is really hard if you go out way too fast like a fool on the first half on the hills... but as long as you don't do that - you should be just fine!