Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mad Monday Update 11/10

Monday 11/3 -7 mile run with CV & E ~8:00 min miles
Tuesday 11/4 - 7.75 mile run with E inlc 8X100 striders
Wedneday 11/5 - 3.75 mile Run
Thursday 11/6 - 5.5 (2 mile, 1 mile, 1/2 interval) M track workout, 6 mile easy run
Friday 11/7 - 16.5 Mile Road Bike Ride, 1.25 M on treadmill, upper body weights, 3 hours at Ray's Indoor Mtn Bike Park
Saturday 11/8 - 10 Mile Buckeye Trail Run with VR
Sunday 11/9 - 8.5 Mile Run (8:20 pace) with SERC

Ran-53.25 Miles
Mtn Biked-3 hours
Road Bike-16.5 Miles
Weights-1 session

Work stress has been weighing on me greatly. I am going to go home and try to forget about it and spend the evening with the hubby who is the big 3-0 today. We did have a fun little get together for him the last two nights!

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triguyjt said...

tell him happy b--day...

yeah things have been stressful...market... other things...its crazy