Monday, January 29, 2007

Week recap

Another decent week in the bag, despite my fall. Can't keep this girl down!

Mon 1/22 60 minute spin class, Upper Body Workout

Tuesday 1/23 -Rest & recover from fall :-)

Wednesday 1/24 60 min spin class, 5 miles ran on treadmill, lower body workout, 1000 yards swam

Thursday 1/25 7 miles ran treadmill, abs

Friday 1/26 60 min spin class, 4 miles ran on treadmill, Upper Body Workout

Saturday 1/27 New Vision Cycling 2.5 hour butt kicking-speed drills kill me. Now that I have this nice new computer with cadence counter I really am working on keeping cadence in specified zones, my sweat puddle is so wrong at these!

Sunday 1/28 16 mile snowy run - Ran with normal friends and some extras. A couple of the extra guys were running just enough fast for us to try to keep up, yet faster than we probably would have normally went in the conditions, so had to work a bit on this one!

This was week one of lifting at the gym with my cousin on my lunch breaks. She is getting reacclimated to the gym and I really enjoy the company...hopefully the soreness will not scare her away!

Put money down on a new toy which I am totally so excited about!!!!! Details later!


Anonymous said...

ooh I have a guess on the new toy! I am amazed at how much you get done in a week!

Anonymous said...

I think having a bike computer with cadence is helping me to train smarter and is making me stronger.

Anonymous said...

New motorbike?

I love my cadence computer. You really do fit a lot in, I'm so amazed and inspired!