Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week Recap-

Wow has our weather changed this week! As much as I believe I was meant to live in the tropics, at least I married someone who plows snow so that I actually don't mind so much when it snows so he can make some $$. So this weekend it was time to suck it up, bundle up and head out into the snow.

I must say that every time I get out there and run it is really not too bad!

This week has been full of training and I have been feeling pretty good. Here is a quick rundown...

Monday 1/15 16.5 stationary bike, 2 miles treadmill (This was probably about the hardest I have pushed myself on a stationary bike doing an interval workout but doing alternating 30 seconds normal cadence and 30 high cadence at each level.)

Tuesday 1/16 7 miles treadmill, Lower Body Workout (Squats and lunges had me aching the following two days pretty bad)

Wednesday 1/17 Slept in instead of hitting the gym at 6AM, 1 hour trainer evening

Thursday 1/18 6 miles on treadmill -arrived to gym late so had no time for the originally planned 7th mile, but felt strong the whole run

Friday 1/19 1 hr spin, abs, 1000 yards swam

Saturday - Brick with Jodi which was 3 hours on trainer, 40 minute run. When she emailed what she had planned for the day I thought that sounded like an incredibly long time to be training. However it is amazing how fast time flies with friends and before I knew it, we were done.

Spent the rest of the Saturday cleaning house which was so overdue and was so tired I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30!! Wild & crazy Saturday night I had!!

Sunday, awoke nice and early for my 16 mile run with some friends out on the towpath. I decided to get splits on the run to try to gauge what pace we are doing most of our long runs. Despite the snowy trail we were very consistently hitting them at 9 flat. I figure given the conditions that it was fine by me. On my last long run 2 weeks ago which was 14 miles I was really waiting for the end to come as I felt a bit fatigued. Strangely this week on the snow I felt extremely good and could have kept going with no problems. What an awesome way to feel after a long run!! This was an extemely good thing because then we spent the day moving my hubby's sister! Is it bedtime yet??

Yeah, I know...I will put in a rest day next week, but at least I slept in one morning!!


TriSaraTops said...

Isn't running in the snow da bomb???

Um, yeah, you need to take Monday as a rest day, chica! No excuses! I don't want any overuse injuries gettin' in the way of the Dirty Dog 10K! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I send all my snow to you then?

Anonymous said...

And, I thought that my 2.5 hour ride/ 30 minute run was insane! I guess I know what I have in my future in the next month.

Great training week!

Anonymous said...

Chica, you are quite obviously a natural athlete. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your run on the towpath! Mine was miserable. I kept thinking that I was going to fall on my butt. You rock!

Thanks so much for coming out on Saturday! If you're up to it, there's a run-bike-run on tap for this week!



Anonymous said...

Wow--nice brick. Thanks for the tip on 2 shorts. Pain-free ride today! :)

B Bop said...

You're a pretty busy lady! If you keep up this training your half iron will seem like a jog around the block!!

We've got more snow on the way :-)

Myself, I can't wait.

Lana said...

3 hours on the trainer? Wow! Great workouts!!