Sunday, January 14, 2007

Training update!

Well sneaking in a couple minutes to at least log my training for the week as I am ready to hit the hay already after my fun-filled day mostly filled with baptism activities....!

Mon 1/8 - 1 hr spin class, 2 miles treadmill, Lower Body workout...very sore from the lunges for the following 2 days

Tues 1/9 - 7 miles treadmill (req'd more effort than usual to get in before 60 minute cutoff); Lifted Bi, Tri, Shoulders

Wed 1/10 - 1 hr spin, 15 min stationary bike; swam 1000 yards; lifted chest back; abs

Thurs 1/11 - 7 miles treadmill (increasing speed intervals 6.5-8.5 with .5 increase per minute, finished comfortably in 58 min)

Fri 1/12 - 1 hr spin, upper body workout, abs

Sat 1/13 - 15 minute warm-up followed by 2 hour New Vision Cylcing class

Sun 1/14 - 9 mile outside run (long run cut short this week on account of full day's schedule)

All & all felt pretty good this week. Went 5/5 with my 6 AM hour gym arrivals so that was an accomplishment in itself! Good night folks!

PS- Jack Baurer is da man!


Kate said...

That's a LOT of exercise!

Anonymous said...

Damn, girl! What a solid week! I take it the work has slowed down a little- that's great.

Keep it up! If you want to come over for another brick just let me know!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great week, I am exhusted just reading it.

Anonymous said...

7 mile treadmill runs, OUCH!!