Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I am having trouble finding time to post, clean the house and all those other general things that are being pushed to the wayside momentarily....but one more week and hopefully things should get better.

Taking the Series 7 test next Wednesday 12/6 and would much prefer to put in some extra studying and pass than the alternative!!


Okay so now I must mention how totally excited and thankful I am for my early Christmas present from my parents. A new trainer!!!!! It came Monday. It is a Kurt Kinetic trainer that I found thanks to Jodi! Last night I put it together and hoppped on my bike to try it out for one minute before we had to head out the door. I can't wait to actually try it out. For some reason though the bike seems crooked. I am not sure if it is my old floor or something is not adjusted just right. I will have to figure this out I suppose. The only thing I don't like about biking is figuring out all the gadgets and what is wrong.


Training has been going pretty well. Today hit 1 hr 6 AM spin class followed by 4.2 mile treadmill run and then cam eback to the gym on the lunch hour for 1000 yard swim....hence why I am just not feeling overly energetic for a trainer ride tonight.

I totally fell off the eating wagon over the holiday with a million family gatherings...but the good thing is I have gotten back on it!

Did the Pigskin run the day of the OSU / Michigan game. Go Buckeyes!!! Total time 22:40 at a 7:22 pace. Holy fan support downtown Cleveland!!
Lastly, turkey trot run on Thursday was pretty awesome. First and foremost the last two years I barely made it downtown Cleveland for the event on account of horrible driving conditions. This year it was sunny and around 50!!! I was enjoying the morning and seeing many friends at this race of nearly 2000 people.

I had made myself a new playlist on my Ipod which I swear makes a huge difference when I run. I decided to just see what I could do on the race. It has been so long that I don't have my splits anymore but I ended up with a time of 36:13 for the 5 miler at a 7:16 pace. They were giving away pies to the first 50 females and the first 50 males. I guess the far-fetched goal in my head was to win one, not because I really wanted a pie, but I just wanted to win it. No such luck with that though as the 50 for females was somewhere in the 35s...there are so many fast women in this darn town!!

So since I missed that far-fetched goal I will just have to focus on another one for this weekend's Reindeer Run 5K of somehow breaking that 22 minute mark that I have yet to accomplish...last shot for 2006. If nothing else, I will go out trying!!


Jodi said...

Good luck on the reindeer run, speedy!

About the trainer- I can have a look at it Saturday if you want to have our trainer party. You will probably need to adjust the legs down, and use a book under your front tire to make it level.

Great job with the training, too!


Lana said...

Wow, what a day! You'll love the flexibility that having a trainer brings ya. I still say mine was totally worth the money.

TriSaraTops said...

Man, you've got a TON goin' on! Congrats on the PR! Here's to a PR at Reindeer...I'll be thinking of ya when I'm doing the indoor tri! Which should be very interesting as I've swam 2 times and biked 3 times since September 10. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your early christmas gift! You'll have to get some training videos to spin with. I use training DVD's and really enjoy the workouts much better than just spinning at my made up schedule. If you want to know more about what to use let me know.

trifrog said...

Did you ever get that trainer straightened-out? It will seem boring at first with no wind blowing as you speed by the scenery. But get some of those DVDs Lou mentioned or some favorite movies and you'll be done before you know it. Time intervals help too - things like concentrating on right foot 2min, left foot 2min, spinning fast, out of the saddle, aero position, etc. until all these 2-3min intervals add up to a nice 60- or 90-minute workout. Cycling Fitness Results make a nice series of indoor cycling workouts with some surprisingly good garage band music accompaniment: