Monday, November 06, 2006

Quick weekend recap....

I had spent the evening Friday hitting a few stores in the hopes of finding a windbreaker which would help keep me warm during Saturday morning's du. On the 4th store (thankfully the hubby was also in pursuit of a garment he could not find either) I finally found an insulated windbreaker at Target in the boys section for $14.99 that I thought would do the trick...major score as it was way better than the $50+ ones I was scoping out at Dicks.

Saturday woke up to a crisp morning and hoped I would watch my temperature rise as I left the house at a cool 28 degrees. It warmed a bit until I started dropping into the valley where the event was held. My car, G-unit (as it is a Pontiac G-6) said 27 degrees. Brrr....oh well, I shound warm up on the run anyways.

There was 8 of us doing the event. I was pretty sore from weight training & Friday's spin class but with the countdown I was off. I tried to hold back for a little while on the run and just tried to stay close with the only other female, melanie who was running strong. 3rd one in of 8, 2 mile run one, 14:11. At T1, I had planned to put on my new windbreaker but I was so hot from the run, I did not bother.

Lesson of the day- Test the bike befoe every event. So I started off only to hear my front brake dragging. I kept trying to fix it while I rode for the first 4 or 5 miles and then I just decided to deal with it. It was not too bad once I just quit worrying about it. I managed to catch Melanie (who totally kicked butt as she was on a mountain bike) and then just tried to keep a steady pace. My body was plenty warm but I could not wait to get off the bike on account of very numb toes. 13 mile-ish bike time 44:39.

As I entered t2 now in second (behind this guy who just destroyed the rest of us), I complained a bit about my toes and was off. Ouch, ouch..poor numb toes. 2 miles later (17:15) I came in to the finish still in second with a total time of 1 :15:35. I will take that 2 plus minute improvement over two weeks ago, even with a dragging brake. (2 weeks ago it was 14:39, 45:10, 18:08 for a total time of 1:17:57).

Totally a great morning despite the cold. I tell ya that the best part about these events is doing them with a great group of competitors and volunteers. I cannot say enough about the volunteers who cheered everyone on in the cold!

Sunday morning, woke up early again to head to the 5K on the other side of town with TriSaraTops, Buckeye Runner, and many other familiar faces. This race is one that counts for points in the Hermes Road Race series, so I was not sure what to expect on legs that were far from fresh. However before long I was off. The first mile heads down a small hill and up a medium one. I was attempting to hold back a bit the first mile which was 7:19. I had felt pretty comfortable at that point and started to pick it up a bit. There was some wind in the face for mile 2 and was trying to pick up the pace a bit mile 2- 7:04. On the last mile as I tried to con myself in to dealing with some pain for just a little while longer, my quads started to tighten as I rounded the final stretch. When I saw the timer I was disappointed to see the clock ticking over 23. Final time 23:04. As it turned out, the race director said the race was a bit long at 3.2 miles. So slight redemption.

The time was good enough to get 1st in my AG. Trisaratops was right behind me for the unofficial 2nd in our age group. (Her chip did not work, so she got screwed out of a cute tuffed animal).

At any rate, today I took off on acount of some sore legs after my busy weekend!


E-Speed said...

great job at both races! I need to get out and run with you sometime!

Jodi said...

Wow! Great weekend of racing! Sure you don't want to take a little trip to Cali in March?


TriSaraTops said...

Dude,you kick more ass in 48 hours than some people do all year.

Papa Louie said...

Target is the place to get decent clothing and good prices!
Your toes were cold? What about your fingers?
And you ran a 5K the next day? Good job!

Lana said...

Great job!! And congrats on the hardware!

Running Rabbit said...

I'm thinking that deserves more than a day off hon!