Wednesday, November 01, 2006


22.5% body fat. 133 lbs

Somewhat embarassed to put it out for all, but that was the number the trainer this morning came up to. He did the 9 spot caliper pinch measurement following another solid workout.

It was an interesting conversation as we talked about where the different numbers in different areas could be improved and which areas will be more difficult on account of my high cardio training (stomach...grrr, I am going to find a way to show it can be done).

My takeway is to not worry about calories so much, but focus on intaking quality food (not high fat content, etc.) and probably add more lean protein.

Recent nutrition (minus the Halloween party-too many beers!) has been improved and I find myself really enjoying all of my additional weight lifting in addition to my normal runs, swims, and bikes. The weight training has led to a lot of muscle soreness over the last couple weeks, which hurts on one hand but sort of feel good on the other.

So for now, I have a reference point in writing to work with. These numbers will be coming down..............!


Jodi said...

I know the feeling. I need to start my weight training ASAP. I was just so tired tonight!

Great job sticking to it, and watching the diet. You'll feel so much better in your workouts if you are fueling your body healthier!


E-Speed said...

teach me how to be lean girl! I don't think I could bring myself to come close to a caliper!

JenC said...

I recently got measured and mine was 25%. Like you, I was shocked. Maybe we can lean on each other mentally through the diet changes (I just had a fun size Milky Way though, so I may need more help).

qcmier said...

Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics!!!

I have never been a fan of the caliper method. That stomach area is sooooo hard to work.

BuckeyeRunner said...

I'm with e-speed - i don't want calipers coming anywhere near me!! hehe. I am sure that i would be a much better athlete if i paid more attention to my nutrition...i just love junk too much!!!

I am doing james dom this weekend i am so excited to see you guys there!! hopefully the weather will be great. you can wait for me at the finish line, speed demon! ;)