Thursday, April 06, 2006

What a mess!

That is kind of the general situation at the moment!

1) Have not caught up on laundry from the weekend since I went to Cinci to visit my college roomate, Kate! (That was a blast!)

2) Work...not even going there.

3) We'll say 'other' as a result of #2.

4) Husband decided to demo a wall and now we are embarking on remoldeling our upstairs of our century home with the goal of making the duplex-style of our 2 separate upstairs with 2 bedrooms on each half into one upstairs with a hallway that goes all the way across.

Thank goodness for some training which is my source of sanity at the moment. However fitting this in has become even more of a challenge. I typically go to the gym to work out in the mornings before work. However due to early appointments I have been trying to accomplish this at home the last couple of days.

So this week just feeling rather frazzled and trying to just roll with what comes next. On tap for the weekend is my first multisport event, the Hickley Duathlon. I am really looking forward to having Friday night and all day Saturday open for once to catch up on some stuff! And now time to return to all the work I should be doing at the moment..............


Papa Louie said...

Have a great Duathlon Race this weekend! Have Fun!

E-Speed said...

Wow! You'll pull through! You are tough!

Good luck at Hinckley!