Friday, April 28, 2006

A new milestone!

Wow, time sure flies when you're having fun! This weekend Joey and I celebrate our first anniversary! Sometimes I think it seems strange that we have only been married one year when it seems we have been together for so long.

One question I have been asked a lot is, "Does my husband run too?" I reply his standard answer, "Only if chased". It is not his thing, but that is OK with me. He shoots guns competively be it trap, silhoutte, etc. ...not my thing either, which is OK with him.

He is a night person and I am a morning person (which works so I can get the workouts in while he sleeps!)

We have our differences, but we are so much the same....

We ride motorcycles thing that has become our thing.

We enjoy dining out together...probably too much so!

We are a lot alike in that we are both very laid back.

We both can appreciate a cold beer.

We both treasure our families and friends.

We are both looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

Weekend details are being worked out, but rest assured we will be spending some quality time together....and I think I will squeeze in a few early workouts :-)

Below are a few of our memorable moments together to commemorate this upcoming day!


E-Speed said...

cute pics! Happy Anniversary!

trifrog said...

If you were both the same, one of you would be unnecessary. I relish the combination of differences and similarities that make up any relationship.

Sounds corny, but the best I've ever heard to explain loving anybody was that line from Jerry Maguire, 'You complete me.' To which Dorothy Boyd replies, 'You had me at hello.' But you have to admit the 'complete me' line would have 'had her' if the 'hello' hadn't done it ;)

It's those differences that 'complete' us.

TriSaraTops said...

AWWWWW! You two are too cute! :) Happy Anniversary!!!

qcmier said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mojo said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are very cute together. My husband would be thrilled if I'd ride a motocross bike with him. That's tough that your ride a motor cycle, Daisy!

Wishing you many more years of cold beers, rides and laughs.

Lana said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love the pictures - you guys are so cute together!

Kim said...

ADORABLE! Congratulations! Many more happy and beer filled years to come!

Papa Louie said...

Happy Anniversary! Have Fun!