Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let's ride!

With every morning I get a little more excited about the earlier sunrise. The last three weeks or so I have cut back my days of hitting the gym in the morning in lieu of conducting my workouts from home outside. I still try to go 2-3 days a week to get in the swims which I definitely need to continue to work on.

I have been enjoying my morning runs outside so much that I thought perhaps today I would attempt my first pre-work bicycle ride. I was slightly nervous about it because it is still pretty dark out around 6ish when I leave. Although I can see good enough when I run, I was worried that while riding my bicycle, I might have trouble making sure I avoided any crap in the buggy lane. I did feel comfortable that between my reflective gear and being in the buggy lane it would be safe even without much light. This darkness did not last long on my morning ride, as the light came quickly while showing off yet another beautiful sunrise.

Happily I can report that I had no trouble seeing my way to maneuver and had no trouble at all and the road bike is way better than the stationary bicycle at the gym. I had to cut my workout a little short this morning since I needed to get to work early but I did manage to get in 13 miles. Even though I had slightly cold fingers and toes, this morning ride was a welcome change. My back did not really trouble me as I tried to switch positions periodically...but I am still dealing with some seat issues. I am working on my positioning...I'll get it figured out here eventually. Thanks for all the posts regarding feedback on the bicycling because I was thinking about the comments as I rode this morning and kept trying different things out. I will continue to experiment to see what is going to work!

After my morning ride and shower, I hopped on my other red Ducati monster and rode to work. Talk about a good way to start the day! Again a little chilly, but heck I should be getting used to a little chill at this point. Bring on summer!


E-Speed said...

Nice! I think I may ride to work tomorrow! Should be fun!

trifrog said...

Nice ride - I mean the Ducati! There is one in SFMOMA that I thought was so beautiful that it inspired me to wonder whether a bicycle could be constructed with just the chainstay for the back wheel. That inquisition led me to my new tri-lust: Softrife FASTT

qcmier said...

Love the Ducati. If I ever got a motorcycle, I would probably lose my common sense and try to hop over some sidewalks like Kellen Winslow, Jr.

Papa Louie said...

I am not allowed to get a Ducati. When I was a kid riding mini bikes people would call me evil-ka-louie because of my fast and wild riding. If I had a Ducati that name would live on. I'm still jealous.