Friday, April 21, 2006

Darn Goose!

10 Mile Race on tap for tomorrow. This is a distance I have never raced. Last year I had signed up for the Hermes 10 Miler, then ended up sick and was getting married the following weekend. I figured with the terrible weather that day, it would not be the wisest decision to run it. So skipped the race and got myself healthy for the wedding! I would say that was a good call!

So tomorrow I am not sure what to expect for a time. I have a target in my mind which I would be excited to beat so I will let ya know how that may be a little aggressive, but I think that is a good thing. I am just crossing my fingers for no rain during the race!

In preparation for tomorrow's events, I did some cross training today. Hit the gym this morning for a swim and some time on the stupid stationary bike (yup, even though I shoot to do all road bike riding yet this is often just more convenient).

Then on my lunch break, being the unexpectedly sunny day, I had to get outside! Since I did not want to run today with the race tomorrow, I changed and grabbed my rollerblades out of my office, and cruised down the stairs...

Sat down on the sidewalk and put on my skates...

Cranked the Ipod music ...and was off!

Skated up the little road by my office with my music blaring and took the turn on to the sidewalk.

Totally pysched about the weather and feeling good!

Completely immersed in rocking out while keeping my eyes down to ensure I did not skate over any goose poop which is all over that particular stretch of sidewalk.


Totally did not see that goose I scared to death which proceeded to scare me to death!!!!

It flew from the right side of the sidewalk to the left side just inches in front of my head and as I was trying to block my face I even felt feathers!!!!! That fat goose did not fly far as it landed just on the other side of me.

The goose and I exchanged a parting stare as I strolled on down the sidewalk before I turned around and tried to recompose myself.

"Silly Goose", I thought as I skated off!


E-Speed said...

Aaack! Geese terrify me!

Good luck at the race tomorrow!

Kim said...

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW GIRL!!! You are going to do GREAT! Looking forward to hearing your post-race post!

Papa Louie said...

um, silly goose, I probably would not have skated the day before a long race. Keep your mind focused and you will do well tomorrow. See you at the race.