Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is how I roll, animal print, pants out control

Yes, just rolling along running in stride with whatever hand I am dealt AND rocking out to some fab tunes like LMFAO and of course my favorite, DJ Scene podcasts!

Last week it was the case of an extremely upset stomach which lasted for 4 entire days and resulted in me being quite dehydrated.  This led to taking off Monday and Wednesday, a horrible track workout Tuesday (and even worse run back to the gym) and a blown tempo run Thursday which thankfully I at least had the sense to do on the treadmill near a bathroom.

The husband has been bow hunting some mornings which means I am left to stay home and on dog detail instead of going to the gym, so swimming is just not getting done.  That said I am just rolling with the flow and just trying to at least get in my 3 key runs a week and not worry much about anything else.  Besides the 3 key runs, it remains mission do as I please!

On the running front which I am LOVING, all seems to be going along well.  I was super excited to run both days this weekend with my favorite running club evahh, SERC!  Saturday morning was trails.  SG had picked out some of the less muddy trails for us to run which ended up being a good portion of the Run for Regis Course (score for me since I am doing it in Jan!).  I was feeling pretty good running throughout the morning, but I did manage to roll each ankle once and planted my hands in the mud to save my face as I slipped going up a muddy hill.  It always amazes me how bad it hurts to roll an ankle and then I run some more and 1 minute later, it is like it never happened.  THANK GOODNESS!

The weather was just gorgeous Saturday morning and running trails with the bright fall leaves is sooo hard to beat and makes it hard not to have a good run!  What a great way to start my day!  I arrived back to Lock 29 12 miles later and FD hooked us up with some banana bread compliments of his fab wife.  Can it get any better?  :-)


Sunday I showed up to Solon to again run with the SERC gang.  FD asked me what my plan was and I said I was hoping to run the 12 mile loop at a 7:15 or better pace.  I was definitely nervous about stating this out loud with this group (as u better be ready for trash talk in this crowd) as I figured this might be tough to hit when I got to the hills and everyone might catch me and know I failed.  Fortunately for me, FD said he would roll with me.  :-)

And after 100 meters with the group we buckled down and got with the plan.  I really struggle to pace properly at this pace.  One minute I see 6:50 and then 7:20 and I was trying to find somewhere close to my target.  Thank goodness for my gps!

Mile 1:  7:17
Mile 2:  6:56
Mile 3:  7:02
Mile 4:  7:10
Mile 5:  7:02
Mile 6:  7:01
stopped for water
Mile 7: 7:07
Mile 8: 7:35 (up the Solon Rd hill from Liberty which continues Cannon)  Picture me breathing heavy!
Mile 9:  7:20 (calm before the storm as I try to recover)
Mile 10: 7:24 -OUCH (up Bedford Chagrin Pkwy to SOM)
stopped at top for water but there wasn't any...like I cared I just wanted a second to catch my breath!  FD pulled away from me a bit on this hill and made it look easier than it was!
Mile 11:  6:41 - Some downhill but as we hit the flat I was thinking this feels hard and I must be out of gas.
Mile 12:  6:51 - Stick a fork in me

Average pace 7:07.  Not too shabby for a hilly course, albeit we did stop twice.  Overall I think this run was a good confidence builder for my half marathon goals especially after a hilly 12 mile run Saturday.  I owe FD huge for pushing me and keeping me accountable to my goal for the day.  I am guessing if I was running it solo, I would have slacked off.  I feel like I need to learn to dig deeper when the going gets rough on my own.

I was a slacker yday morning and slept in but managed a solid track workout this morning.  Tomorrow I am super excited about CTC's Halloween Costume Run and after-party!  Stay tuned for some fun pics!!


Matthew Smith said...

Holy Cow! You're so fast! Way to go on that craziness out there running. Keep up the good work!

Matty O said...

Wonder why you have issues pacing at your goal pace? I might be a special case though since I pretty much only run on the towpath so its very easy to zone out and just click the miles off. Wonder if I hit different terrain how much thinking is involved to pace properly?

Just remember on race day, go out to achieve a PR, you have to be aggressive!

Great job on clicking those splits off! Always better to have someone there to hold you accountable for your splits haha ;)

TriEric said...

You're sexy and you know it.

E-Speed said...

please tell me you are wearing animal print pants tonight ;)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope your feeling better

I loke to bow hunt as well, I havent hunted since I moved to Ohio

I really wish I can figure out this running thing

Laura said...

holy crap girlie.. those are some fast splits!!