Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Halloween Fun!

Oh last week was tons of fun as expected!  I love this time of year in that I feel more relaxed with my training and take the time to cut loose with friends and get a little silly from time to time!

I have been totally slacking swimming and biking!!!  Coach just sent out our first set of off-season bike workouts so I am starting those this week!  Also as of 11/1, you could purchase your USMS 2012 membership so I did that this week too.  So time to get back into the swing of things after a pretty lax September and October for two reasons.

1.  I need to get myself back in biking shape as I help lead indoor trainer sessions starting in December and ideally I like to make sure I am well-prepared.

2. Improving my swimming is my numero uno winter goal!

So on the training front, I continue to just run, run, run lately!

Tuesday was the normal 10 mile day which included a track workout of 6x800's, some drills and then 4x100's.  Felt strong!

Wednesday was a 2.5 mi super easy fun run for CTC's Halloween Costume Fun Run!  Always a good time! 
I went as JEM!  Jem was my favorite cartoon on in the mid-80s when I was a little girl!

Thankfully as the designated driver Wednesday night, I was able to make it up for my Thursday morning tempo run which was 8 miles and 3mi@6:46.

Friday-?  Not sure what I got in that day.  Maybe it was an off day or maybe I ran easy??

Saturday was our girls Halloween / Pancake Run!!!  I had conned CV into meeting me out early for some miles before the group run.  We managed 7 mi at 7:03 before running 6 more easy on the trails for a total of 13.  I earned my breakfast that morning while having a super fab time with some of my favorite ladies!

Saturday evening was our Halloween Party.  Of course I had to go with my LMFAO themed outfit and showed my guests the "I'm Sexy and I know it!" ridiculous video a time or 6!  Heehee!  Another fun evening and late night which led to a very lazy Sunday!

So a super fun week in the books!  This week's workouts are a bit lighter as I taper for Sunday's half marathon race, the Inland Trail half!  Overall aerobically I feel pretty good and pretty confident.  My leg (tibial nerve area) habitually gives me pause so erroring on the easier side this week.  Bring on the gorgeous looking weekend forecast!

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E-Speed said...

And a fun time was had by all :)

Good luck this weekend girl! I've got a good feeling it is time to knock off that sub 1:30 with ease!