Wednesday, October 05, 2011

On the Horizon

Fall is clearly here and the leaves are coming down!  That always means more running in my world!

Last week, I was a giant slacker and slept in several mornings (post IM rule is I do what I feel like), but fortunately 3 days I was able to get out a lunchtime for a workout.  My pool is not downtown where I work and my bike is not typically either, so of course I ran!

Monday - off
Tuesday -6.75 Miles at lunch around 8 min miles
Wednesday-6.75 Miles at lunch around 8 min miles
Thursday- 7 Miles ran (5@7), 20 min core workout
Friday - off
Saturday- 11 mile trail run with SERC
Sunday- 7 mi ran (5x1@7), 20 mi bike, 1000 m swam

Run 38.5 Mi
Bike 20 Mi
Swim 1000 yd
Core 20 min

Saturday's 11 miles was the first time I had been on the trails since last January (GASP!).  It was high 40's and raining.  Following our fearless leader onto trails less traveled, we probably crossed 12 rather deep slippery water crossings and saw sights in the CVNP that few have got to see.  Easily one of the funnest runs I have done in awhile!  I could have kept going all day!  I came home and signed myself right up for the Winter Run for Regis 50K.  I am just sooo stoked to spend some time on the trails and stay warm from the wind, nestled in all the trees!

I have decided there will definitely not be a fall marathon in my future.  I am going to focus on some speed and staying uninjured!  I am planning to do some races up to 13.1 and hopefully get a few PRs along the way.  I am really hoping to break that 1:30 mark for the half and I am planning to race the Fall Classic (already registered) and Inland Trail half.  Beyond that I will do a Turkey Trot and the Reindeer Run of course!

October and November will mainly be operation do-as-I please and do what I love the most (running) and then east side indoor cycling will start back up in December.  I really need to figure out how I am going to tackle my BIG goal for the winter which is to improve my swimming.  More on that once I figure it out!

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Matthew Smith said...

Way to go on the running! Those are some pretty huge numbers. Nice work!