Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tums and Pepto to the Rescue...I WISH!

Rough, rough morning here in Daisyland.

I am not sure what the deal is but my gut is SUPER PO'd.  It started yesterday and morning.  Waves of cramping pain and trips to the RR.  It seemed to get a little better after I left work but my stomach hurt so bad in the middle of the night, it woke me up twice (stupid homemade taco salad for dinner probably a bad idea with a sour stomach).  It does not seem like I am sick as I feel fine besides these overwhelming waves that come over me and I can't decide if my stomach and back is cramping or if I might have to peuk or something else that girls don't do ;-)

Regardless, clearly I had reason to be concerned about this morning's track workout.  Popped some TUMS around 2AM and then at 5AM popped some pepto and was hoping for the best.

I opted to just run CV's workout.  I probably do better workouts when I am running with someone.  We were doing 800's.  I think CV said all of them were between 2:55-3:05 so I will take that.  I can't remember if I did 4 or 5.  Yet, I really struggled because my gut hurt so bad.  When I got done, started jogging easy and the waves of pain that doubled me over immediately started coming on every 5 minutes or so.  It was SUCH a rough run back to the gym.  Running just is so hard on your insides.  I am thinking if I was biking or swimming, I might have fared much better.  Oh well at least I was super happy to see CV getting strong again after her injury!

I have been having more GI issues lately running lately it seems.

On the running front, I am managing to get in pretty solid workouts.

Last week totals went as such-
T-7 miles (included 2x2000 repeats with 400 recoveries, bailed on third bc stomach hurt)
 - 28 miles biked evening with touring club.  Nice night to ride although lights are now reqd.
W-9 miles with lunch gang (8:01 pace)
R-10 miles ran with AM  (8:17 pace)
S- Key Run- ran 8.5 miles at 7:16 pace until I met sis and AP.  Ran 2 easy miles with them and then decided to pick up the pace so I could run ahead to POP (that hurt).  Then circled back to finish up last 3 miles with sis.  Total 15.5 miles.  Plan was 12 at 7:20 but ended with 15.5 and some slower and faster miles so I think it should be close enough to the intent.  

Miles Ran:  41.5

Can't believe I took 3 days off!  Really really need to get in the pool!  I want to spend the next two weeks on operation flip turn mastering before starting Orange Masters in November.

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