Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Endurance Delivery!

Up until last year, my nutrition could more or less have been called, 'Operation Wing-It'.  I have always been sort of a minimalist in terms of nutrition.  Sometimes this had bit me in the butt when my energy reserves hit rock bottom.  I also think this led to some subpar performances due to the fact that I was inefficiently fueled.  Further, I think I was not recovering as quickly from key workouts / races, as I was not replenishing efficiently either.  (Note to self, beer does not equal recovery drink!)

Yet, last year in training for my first full distance, I decided it was time to focus on my nutrition, knowing it could make or break a race.  Over the years I have tried out numerous brands and varieties of products.  Some I liked.  Some I hated.  Others just caused me issues!  Last year, I was so fortunate to get linked up with First Endurance through Team Trakkers and I have been forever thankful.  

Throughout the course of my training, I really worked on practicing what I would use on race day.  My favorites included-

First Endurance EFS Fruit Punch Flavor
Perhaps some may think it is on the sweet side, but this is easily my favorite tasting sports drink I have tried.  Never have I had an issue with cramping or dehydration when I was armed with this in my water bottles.  This is in no small part to the fact that I think I drink more when I have it because I like the taste so much.  Also important to note when comparing EFS to some competitors, EFS has the highest electrolyte content available (1160mg of all 5 electrolytes/serving).  

First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot
Last year it was all about the Vanilla which went down super easy.  It's called liquid shot because it doesn't contain gelling agents which can slow down absorption and digestion.  This year I am so excited because Wild Berry Flavor is now available and I have waited for this flavor since I got to try it out last year at REV3 Knoxville!   While I like the Vanilla (as I hummed Vanilla Pudding to the the Banana Puddin song through much of last year as I took in the Vanilla Shots), I am a fruity sort of girl!!!  Yeah Wild Berry!  

Not only did I keep my Vanilla liquid shot with me on the bike last year at REV3Cedar Point, I carried my flask throughout the whole 26.2 miles and felt properly fueled the entire way with no issues whatsoever!  Last year,  I spent a lot of time planning and practicing my nutrition leading up to the big day.  I read quite a few of the articles such as the Kona Nutrition Report posted by Team First Endurance Athlete, Donna Phelan.  I had a set nutrition plan and followed it to a tee!  If you are new to long course, it is so worth checking out some of these posts and giving some serious thought to your nutrition and SOONER rather than LATER!

So with much excitement, I am happy to report that the new stash is here and just in time to fuel me for the big events coming up this spring!   I am ready to have my nutrition dialed with First Endurance!  As a matter of fact, I am really looking forward to doing my first full marathon (since I started with FE) and a repeat of the 100K mtn bike now armed with FE!


Kim said...

J - have you tried Ultragen? i am looking into using it since im starting the no milk thing and it doesnt seem to contain any!

Janet Edwards said...

Yes, I chug it down post workout. I think it offers a perfect blend for recovery. Many of my Trakkers teammates love it so and dolots of shakes.

I have the fruit punch ultragen and usually just chug it down post workout with some water. It does have a bit of an aftertaste imo but I think most recovery drinks do. Husband loves it and calls it his bunny milk ;-)

Kim said...

awesome! i just ordered the cappuccino flavor and looking forward to giving it a whirl :)

dean said...

Man you stocked up!

Mer! said...

I just did a FE review on my blog and I love how you called it "Operation Wing It"...I agree with those sentiments and am very glad we no longer have to wing it!!