Monday, March 28, 2011

Fresh week, fresh start!

Last Monday started off super fab-with an easy run with ESpeed which was going so well I turned it into my progression run which accidentally ended up a little on the fast side with a 7:16 avg for the first 7 miles before easing off coming up the hill to the office.

Then I awoke Tuesday feeling very off and reset my alarm to skip my morning workout.  I continued to feel worse as the day went on just wanting to lay down under my desk for the day.  When 5 o clock hit, it took every bit I had left to drive home and make my way to the couch and I did not move.  I knew then I was sick.

After a sleepless night, I rolled over and could not move.  I was coughing, freezing and had body aches so bad I was ready to cry.  I called off sick for the first time since I had been with the company back in 2007.  I have been sick off and on throughout the year and my husband was adamant that it was time to see a doctor and back off.  I called the Dr.  I had to go downstairs to pull out my medical insurance and just the process of making an appointment with half a voice was pretty much beyond what I could endure.  I laid in bed all morning, sweating and freezing before getting out of bed at noon to get ready to go to the Dr.  It required more than I had in me.  It was cold out, making my chills and body aches worse.  I sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes feeling tortured every second of it.  Finally I saw the Dr who confirmed what I already knew.  101 fever and I had the flu.  It was off to the drug store for some Tamiflu before returning to my couch.

I was not really optimistic about making it to work Thursday but guilt forced me to try.  I was overdue for a shower anyways so I thought I would see if I could handle getting ready.  I figured if I could handle that, maybe I could try to go to work.  The shower was a job and half way through drying my hair, I was done and needed to sit down.  I called the boss and returned to bed to continue the process of sweating and then freezing.  It was another lazy day and day 3 of no workouts.  Thursday night, I took a my new sleeping aids and finally slept like a rock.  I believe much of me being sick lately is due to my lack of sleep...just been having a lot of issues with not sleeping well lately.  I am so happy as I sit here right now after having 4 nights in a row of hard core sleeping!

Friday, I was feeling maybe 75% with a partial voice and nice sinus infection, but made my way to work as I had two big meetings.  On the mend and was tired of feeling like a lazy blob.  Day 4, no workouts!  Honestly I think that laying on the couch watching movies all the time was currently kind of to my liking.  Guess I must have really been sick!   A wild and crazy night (not!) on the couch Friday before going to bed around 9.  I was pretty resolved that unless I felt horrible, I needed to workout Saturday.

Saturday, woke up early and ended up pinch hitting and led the last 2 hour east side cycling class with half a voice and no microphone.  It was fine tho.  Then as usual, hopped in the pool for 2000 yards and then decided I would do a nice easy 4 mi run on the track.  Oh working out just makes me feel good again and like the poisons are being sweat out!  I stopped by the new Fleet Feet store in Pepper Pike and chatted there awhile and then headed up to NC Multisports Retro Day at Northface.  Between all the talking, my voice was soooo shot by the time I got home.  So the husband and I relaxed watching more movies and hit the hay by 9pm or so again.

Sunday, I woke up early as I really felt I wanted to get in a long run.  I headed to SERC in Solon and arrived early so that I could get in 5 mi before the 8am start.  The plan was run 8:20-8:30 pace for 20 miles.  The first 5 I ran a little fast which I chalked up to fun fast music and having no one to talk to.  My sister had class all weekend so she was out this day.  As the group started to run, my friend AH asked my plan and I said, I just wanted to run with company and was thinking I could run anywhere between 7:45 - 8:30.  I knew I would probably have to run faster to run with the SERC gang as everyone there is generally pretty quick.  As it turned out, I ran with AH the whole way feeling good, chatting and not paying much mind to pace.  I knew I was running a little faster but when I looked at the average pace upon completion, I was pretty much shocked to see my average pace for the entire 20 which had some good elevation changes was 7:40 flat!

This was waaay faster than I should have ran it per coach but sort of a nice confidence boost in terms of where I am at in my training.

I am glad to start this week fresh.  Not 100% but all in all, feeling ok!


Trisaratops said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOO! You got it too! It sucked BIG TIME. Glad to hear you are feeling better. My temp hit almost 103! I missed my window to take Tamiflu so mine stuck around longer (boo). Way to sweat it all out--I agree, it feels so much better to get the toxins out! Here's to a better week for both of us. :) Now SLEEP, GIRL!

Matty O said...

PHEW! Speed demon!

Great job on the running lately, you are looking very strong to start the season off!

Next winter I will probably try and hang with the SERC group. I need to get through this season first haha.

Sinus infections are brutal. Nothing good about them. Glad you seem to have kicked yours quick!

Have a great week :)

Velma said...

Glad you are feeling better - holy fast!

Janet Edwards said...

S, yes, hoping you are feeling much better this week too!

M, definitely check out SERC. There is a lot of talent, ribbing and always plenty of company if you want to pick up the pace!

allanjel said...

Yeah, he bragged about how he was able to keep up with you last Sunday ;o)

I love the couch, it's my favorite place to train sometimes.