Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The update...

The USAT National Club Challenge (NCC) started yesterday. It seems like a wonderful opportunity to support the local tri club and I find it a good source for motivation. Like this morning, I was dog tired and could not keep my hand off the snooze button. The plan was to hit master's swim this morning. Thinking about wanting to get in some swim mileage for the NCC was the one thing that finally guilted me into getting up. At the very last minute I dragged my butt out of bed and had to pull a tazmanian devil to get out of the house as fast as I could spin!


This month is swim month and lord knows that is where I should focus anyways! The husband's family has been in town and we have been spending our evenings with them being lazy, eating too much unhealthy food and staying up too late (but they left this morning so no more excuses)! I was so exhausted Monday that I missed swimming. But now with NCC swim month I have got up both the last two mornings that counted!

Not only that, after taking 2 weeks off from running due to a possible borderline tibia stress fracture, it seems after my two trial runs this week, that I will be going back to the no running status. Obviously it is not yet healed as clearly running is bothering my leg. Sigh! Winter Buckeye 50K seems off the table at this point given that it is quickly approaching in January and my run training is non-existent. Oh well, it is not the priority and if I need a little time off, now is the time. Since my 11/14, 8.5 mile run, I ran twice easy, today (12/2) and monday (11/30). I am not sure when the next one will be but I guess I will wait until the pain subsides. :-(

Biking is good though! Hitting Rays Indoor Mtn Bike Park Friday! And I am pretty excited that CTC's east indoor cycling cycling starts Saturday!
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