Monday, December 07, 2009

The start of the east side indoor cycling season!!!!


Monday again. :-( Tip of the day-Don't bother packing up all your stuff to go swimming and then forget to set your alarm for 4:45 AM. You won't wake up that early all by yourself at that silly hour. Trust me, I did it today!

Well despite the stupid leg not cooperating with the running, other training still continues!

This week kicked off the east side indoor training session Saturday morning! This is officially year two for the East Side Cycling for Cleveland Triathlon Club. This year we changed the venue, time and day and then we had the biggest turnout yet!

My friend and fellow teammate, TB from TLE is heading up putting together the workouts. This should be a valuable weekly training session for both me and the rest of the group!

Oh and I am sure B will be happy to know that I had a towel under the bike so the pool was less obvious this time around!

Last week rundown went as such-
M 11/30- 6.5 M EZ Run :-(
T 12/1- 2500 M Swim, 13.25 M Bike
W 12/2-3500 M Swim, 5.5 M Run
R 12/3 - P90x Chest & Back (so sore!)
F 12/4 - 1600 M Swim, 10M Bike
S 12/5 - 35 M Bike
S off

Swim 4.72M
Bike 58.25 M
Ran 12 M
Core 1 session

Lastly, send get well vibes to my friend and our SERC president, Frank!

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Mnowac said...

Where are these sessions at Janet? Can you come if you are not in the tri club? I'm glad to hear they have them on the east side now, trekking to Akron was tough.