Thursday, December 10, 2009

Computrainer FTP Test


What is an FTP Test? FTP stands for “Functional Threshold Power”. It is basically a measurement of your maximum average power output during the time trial.
The personalized FTP assessment is supposed to then be used to help set achievable goals.

I have never done anything like it before and sort of was not looking forward to it as I just as felt like I may not like the results as I had only gotten back on the bike somewhat regularly the last couple weeks or so. Lucky for me, I have never done it and don’t have a good basis to evaluate where I am at!

Not only that, but I have not done many tempo efforts since before my marathon. Oh yeah, and there are those off-season, lack of running pounds that must go! Just started to focus on that finally this week...and let me tell you, I really wanted the Brick last night (chicken wings, beer, fries) but I skipped it and lieu of some healthy lean chili.

So yesterday was the test. DM had offered to do it for me so I got all set up on the computrainer. It was only the second time I had used one and I always find myself just so zoned in on all the different numbers. If the budget was not so tight and those were not so expensive, I would definitely buy one!

It started with a warm up for 20' gradually building the wattage for brief intervals. During which, I just watched the numbers and different scans analyzing my pedal stroke. Then I got to my 30 second intervals where I took things up a bit. I guess every time in my head, I was trying just to bump the max speed a little higher, although I know that was not the goal.

Then it was time for the first 20 minute test. I rode a flat course of 6.53 miles (~20 min). I was instructed to ride aero as much as possible (I do find that I have recently really take a liking to the drops so I switched back and forth some). I was allowed to change gears as often as I wanted and was supposed to aim for a cadence between 80-100. For test one, I was supposed to ride hard, but not all out.

On the first test, worked pretty hard and was glad when the 20 minutes was over. Let me say a 2 min RI goes by quick and after some water it was on to the second 6.53 mile course (~20min).

I knew the goal was to finish with +/- 5% power of the first test. I was told that most people go out too hard on test 1, so to make sure it is a solid effort but not all out on test 1. For Test 2, I was supposed to build throughout and with 3' to go, REALLLLLLLLY put the hammer down. The final 3' should be an almost all out effort. I was definitely tired on the second test and dug down to try to keep things close to the first 20 min test, but it was hard as I had pushed pretty hard the first go around. When we got to the 3 minutes of increased effort, I really tried to bring up the rpms at least a couple…rough stuff! And boy was I happy when I finished. I was quite tired but wanted to make sure the test shown some good data so just tried to stick with it!

So here is the data, at least it will give me a place to start. I guess I was pretty close on both of them anyways.

CT Calibration 2.04

Course Distance: 6.53 M
Time: 19:59
Avg. Speed: 19.6 mph
Max Speed: 20.7 mph
Avg. Wattage: 173
Max Wattage: 259
Avg. Cadence: 90 rpm
Max Cadence: 98 rpm
Avg. HR: 174 bpm
Max HR: 182 bpm


Course Distance: 6.53 M
Time: 20:13
Avg. Speed: 19.4 mph
Max Speed: 20.4 mph
Avg. Wattage: 169
Max Wattage: 277
Avg. Cadence: 90 rpm
Max Cadence: 102 rpm
Avg. HR: 178 bpm
Max HR: 184 bpm
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jessithompson said...

Atta way!

Jamie said...

Wow. It is crazy how much data the computrainer gives you. I'm jealous of your numbers.

I've gotta make friends with someone that owns one.

Trisaratops said...

That's some great power output!

I heart heart heart my powertap. Not sure how I ever rode without it! Never done a CT but it sounds pretty rockin'. Well, as rockin' as it can be seeing as it is indoors. ;)

allanjel said...

I am surprised the thing didn't just beep and say "damn this one's got some POWA!!!"

Nice Job!