Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mad Monday 4/6

Coming off Sunday's Boston simulation run, legs still feeling tight and cramped. Consciously have been trying to drink more water in case that is the problem.

M 3/30 - 4.25 Miles easy
T 3/31 - AM 6.5 Miles Ran easy, noon 7.5 Miles Ran (8ish pace), evening 20ish miles on road bike (2 climbs, some intervals)
W 4/1 - 8 Miles Ran to Edgewater (9 min/mil pace)
R 4/2- 6.25 Miles Ran (8:40 pace), 23 Miles Rode
F 4/3-1000 M Swam
S 4/4 - 5.25 M Run (w/u and Jog Into Spring 5K)
S 4/5 - 35 M Biked

Ran - 37.75 Miles
Biked- 78 Miles
Swam - 1000 M

Long story short: Legs still feeling toasted. The 5K was not pretty, not sure what was worse, the tight legs or my asthma. Coughed and had a extremely sore chest the rest of the day. Running miles suffered a bit on account of getting in some more bicycling miles, which will probably be more typical going forward with weekends being one long ride, one long run (not that my run this weekend was long at all, but next weekend!).

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duchossois said...

Sounds like you just need some warm weather and little recovery time, and you'll be OK. I recommend a week in Jamaica!