Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mad Monday Update

So two weeks ago I backed down the mileage to try to let the soreness in my legs work itself out without much success. I have been getting charlie horses in the morning and they are just unusually sore. Doctors appt scheduled for 4/13 to see if there is anything weird with minerals or something.

So nice light week here which led to waaay too much alcohol and celebrating of St. Pats, basketball, Cavs game and a birthday...

M 3/16 AM 1000 Meter Swim, Lunch Core/UBWO weights
T 3/17 AM 7 mile run, PM 25 Mile Bike
W 3/18 PM 4 Miles Run (Some speed)
R 3/19 AM 1000 Meter Swim
F 3/20 Noon 3 Mile Run, Core Weights
S 3/21 15 mile run (8:13 pace)
S 3/22 off

Swam -2000 Meters
Bike- 25 (r)
Ran - 29 Miles
Core/ Weights- 2 session
M 3/23 AM 6 Mile Run (incl. 12X400 repeats, started around 6:30 pace and worked way down to 6:00 for last several), 7.25 Mile Lunch Run (8:20 pace)
T 3/24 AM 7 Mile Run (ez pace), Noon Core/ UBWO, PM Bike (20 miles)
W 3/25 noon tempo run -6 miles
R 3/26 PM -5 Mile run
F 3/27 AM 1200 M Swim, 7 Mile Run, 12 Mile Mtn Bike at Rays
S 3/28 7 Mile Trail Run, 12 Mile Road Bike
S 3/29 19 Miles with VR (Boston Simulation run) with some good climbs- 8:35 Pace

Swam -1200 M
Bike - 20 R; 10 M
Ran-57 M
Core - 1 session


duchossois said...

Muscle soreness and 'Charlie horses' could be hydration related. Make sure you're staying hydrates...and I don't mean more green beer. ;-)

triguyjt said...

happy belated b-day....

hope all is well for boston!!!

solarsquirrel said...

Your 'light' week sure seems pretty good to me! I've been such a slacker lately...