Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mad Monday 4/20

M 4.13- 5 Miles Ran easy (8:19)
T 4.14- 5.5 M Ran Speed Workout on treadmill

1 Mile @6.7
6X 800's (1-9.6, 2-9.7, 3-9.8. 4-9.9, 5-10.0, 6-10.1) 0.1 to 0.15 recoveries
1-400 at 10.1
1-200 at 10.5
Short cool-down

All in all, felt good but was running short on time or would have gotten in all 8 on schedule.

W 4.15- Upper Body Plus, Abs (P90X +) While regular pushups are not a big deal anymore and I am getting more accustomed to pullups, L Pullups are not my friend and not happening yet.

R 4.16- 8 Mile PMP Run -ran 7:47 pace for 8...not sure yet what I will actually use for a PMP but that felt comfortable today in the sun, even with the wind and hilly terrain.

F 4.17 - 14.8 Mile run with MW (8:33 pace)

S 4.18 - 21 Miles Mtn Biked at Mohican (gorgeous day)

S 4.19 - 25 Miles Biked, 3.3 Miles Ran

R - 36.6 Miles
B - 21 (mtn) 25 (road)
S - 0 (Passover still messing my pool time up!)
Core - 1

Not a bad week. Hit the important stuff. Starting Wed or Thurs I felt a little off. Thankfully I was able to exercise through it but as of Monday 4/20, I have a super nasty cold. This thing needs to make its exit pronto! Pittsburgh is under 2 weeks and counting.

Huge congrats to all the Boston peeps!

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duchossois said...

Another good training week in the bank. Good luck with you taper, then on to conquer Pittsburgh.