Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Malachi Report


I may not have run well, but I can still party with the best of them!

So my favorite race of the year went as such.

Sported some CTC threads and green socks.

Watched with pride as my girls did their first road race ever, the 2 Miler!

Went for a warm up but remained quite cold.

Flew down the hill the first mile and then the legs turned into rocks. Thought about pushing through the tightness but figured I would just save it for another day. Stretched a few times and finished the race in a disappointing time.

Rolled down to the after-party surrounded by my girlfriends, my high school friends, running & tri friends and had a blast! Took part in my high school pals, G-Men Class of 95, Irish Car Bomb shot in the morning! Aghhh, despite the less than stellar performance, it was all-good times! Now I just need to get these leg muscles loosened up....Sunday's 20 miler did not help!
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Lana said...

Hey, it's all about the beer afterward anyways, right?!?!

Brian said...

irish car bomb shot then the race. uhhh.

solarsquirrel said...

You still had a pretty good time for having to stop and stretch!