Monday, February 23, 2009

Mad Monday Update 2/23

I am so over winter by the way....

Last week was busy and cold and so I will chalk it up as an unintentional, but probably much needed step back week.

M 2/16 - 7.5 M Run with LP (8:25 Pace)
T 2/17 - 2 Hour Indoor Cycling Class at Team Energetics...BTW, this is such a great workout!
W 2/18 - 2.5 Hours at Rays Indoor Mtn Bike Park
R 2/19 - AM 9.5 Miles Ran, 5 Miles at Lunch (AM run included 4.5 miles at 7:03 pace...took a break at 2.5 to drink and again at 3.5)
F 2/20 - 4 Miles EZ on treadmill
S 2/21 - 1 hour on trainer, watched Xterra Championship and followed Tuesday program loosely
S 2/22 - 12 Miles with SERC (first 7 averaged 7:38 pace and then slowed through the hills with sketchy footing) I gave up at 12 as I just wanted to curl up on the ground and give up bc I was sooo cold. It was everything I could do to get my key out of my glove to open my car and go inside. I AM OVER WINTER!

Weekly Totals-
Ran- 38 Miles
Biked 3 hours trainer, 2.5 hours (Rays)
You don't want to know about the swim :-(
Someone make me start getting my butt out of bed in the mornings! I need my summer morning sunshine!


duchossois said...

"I AM OVER WINTER" Hahaha, I must have heard that 5 times today. Next year, let's organize a SERC tropical getaway to break-up the winter. We'll find a race in the Caribbean.

Mike said...

How is Ray's??? I'm picking up my Trek Fuel Ex 8 today and have the itch to get it out on the maiden voyage!

Brian said...

you and joey should have joined me in phoenix last week. I got in a couple trail runs up mountains but could have used someone to push me. i even got some real sun and got some good drinks. i don't mean to rub it in, well yea, i do.