Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mad Monday 3/2

OK so I am swamped so this will be short and lame!

After the step back week I ramped the running miles up a bit. Definitely did not hit the biking or swimming that I would have liked, but not bad on the running front. The weather is supposed to warm up towards the end of the week and hopefully I can pick up some nice outside bike mileage then. Oh yeah, and I will be running the Youngstown 1/2 marathon Sunday. My plan is to run a nice solid run, hopefully PR my half (which would be a good accomplishment on that course) and not totally run myself into the ground.

Monday 2/23 - Slept in past AM workout, lunch run with LP 7.25 Miles
Tuesday 2/24 - Freezing cold run with BM and CV 6.5 miles; lunch run with E & LP 7.5 miles, 2 hour indoor cycling class....HUGE DAY!
Wednesday 2/25 - EZ Run with JC, E, & LP -7 miles
Thursday 2/26 - 7 Mile Run with E & LP, 3 hour mtn bikin fun at Rays
Friday 2/27 - Core and Upper Body Workout (Legs Rest Day but it is Monday now and my arms and core are still sore)
Saturday 2/28 - 20 Miles with VR (8:35 pace with some good hills and elevation changes)
Sunday 3/1 - 11.5 Mile Run with SERC (8:40 pace)

Core / Upper Body - 1 workout
Bike - 2 hour trainer indoor cycling workout, 3 hour mtn bike at Rays
Run - 66.75 Miles (this is my biggest week in awhile, maybe ever)


duchossois said...

Well, that was short and lame. hehehehehe

Wow, you really ramped up the running miles last week. See you in Youngstown.

solarsquirrel said...

Congrats on such a high mileage week!

triguyjt said...

nice week with plenty of variety....good luck in y-town