Thursday, May 15, 2008

A slip of the tongue!!!

Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

So I try not to swear.

However, when passion flies every now and then a flagrant word may spew out of my mouth.

So I just watched my beloved Cavs lose in game 5. On a side note they are to blame for me sleeping in and missing the swim I wanted to get in. Darn them for keeping me up late and getting me so worked up I could not fall right to sleep after already staying up past bedtime!!!!

I am laying in bed sulking the loss and I flip over to the news to catch the weather.

Fox was doing their 5 day forecast and there I saw it-Marathon Sunday's forecast.

And then it flew with emotion-

"F-ing BREEZY!!!"

I think the CAVS passion was carried over into the heat of this comment.

My husband, who sitting in bed surfing the net on the laptop, looked over at me and started laughing. "Did you just say F-ing Breezy?"

Caught red handed with my swear, I sheeplishly explain that I can deal with some light showers but what I really don't want is wind...especially coming back Marginal into town!

What can you do though? Hope the forecast changes and I get some friggin awesome weather, of course!!! If not, oh well, at least I got my secret weapons, E & A!!!!!


Jodi said...

I hope that the wind is a different direction this year and pushes you home! You'll do great regardless of the weather, I'm sure!


triguyjt said...

how many snaps did it take to catch matches with the tongue out????

hope its not breezy sunday.....
of course if the Fox folks said it...then it must be true............I think...

bshriver said...

You'll do great on Sunday. I hope to see you at the finish after I finish my half.