Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Doghouse

So Matches still has his mohawk as it has not yet grown out yet! (PIC NOT HIM, JUST WHERE HE IS IN MY BOOK AFTER LAST NIGHT!)

And last night about 4 AM, I am jolted awake by the loud thunderstorm crashing outside. I roll over hoping to go back to sleep when I hear the gate at the top of the stairs start banging.

You see we have these swinging cafe doors like a western saloon at the top of the stairs with a little clasp to keep the dog downstairs.

Yet lately he has learned that if he bangs and scratches hard enough, it will shake the hook right out of the clasp and whalla, time to eat Zippo the kitty's food! This just started this week and has now happended 4 times.

Well last night the banging was for quite another reason.

Scardy tough mohawk dog was so shaken from the storms that he wanted to come hang out with us. Despite my best efforts to coax him back downstairs it was not happening. I gave up, shut the door to our bedroom with Matches in there and went downstairs to go to the bathroom. Next it was my husbands turn as now he was awake.

He kicks Matches back downstairs and we go back to bed. A few frantic pawing moments 10 seconds later and he was back in the bedroom. My hubby and I looked at one another and I gave up and got up to shut the door to let Matches sleep in our room for the first time ever.

So after Matches quit panting and pacing so bad and settled down, I finally fell back to sleep. Like 15 minutes my alarm rang to get me up for spin class but I was now too tired to go.

I am blaming this one on my whoosy dog!!!! That mohawk did nothing to make you any tougher, you poser!

Now it is time to figure out a new way to keep the dog downstairs I suppose!


Brian said...

we give my dog melatonin pills when a storm is coming. he literally shakes. maybe it's the metal rod in his arm. my $2000 dog.

duchossois said...

I don't know Matches, but I already like him. Just a suggestion, but fixing the clasp on the swinging doors might solve the problem. I recommend a commercial grade hasp and padlock, like this.

If he can get through this, he is a tough dog

triguyjt said...

my girl, bailey sleeps in kitchen..but at this stage, age 13 and lots of hearing loss, she doesn't go crazy on storms anymore...
she and I have the loss of hearing thing in common..

tracie said...

poor matches! don't you just love big babies! :) good luck!!!

B Bop said...

"I am blaming this one on my whoosy dog!!!! That mohawk did nothing to make you any tougher, you poser!"

Holy crap, that's funny. I don't know any dogs who don't at least dislike thunderstorms. My boy doesn't shake, but does look form something to lay underneath (like the bed).

Good luck on Sunday!!!