Monday, May 12, 2008

Mad Monday Update 5/12

Holy crap, is the Cleveland Marathon week already here???

Monday 5/5
- AM -2 Mile Run, 9.5 Miles Biked
- LUNCH- UBWO with E

Tuesday 5/6
- LUNCH-Track workout with E -6.7 Miles 6X400 repeats 1:28 dropping to 1:25 (I was totally sucking for air feeling out of shape!)
-EVE- Lower Body workout with Sean at HPL--squats and lunges galore (tail soreness kept getting worse through Thursday peak)

Wednesday 5/7
-5 Mile easy run with the girls-E, LP, JP

Thursday 5/8
-6 Mile Tempo Run 2 easy, 3 at 7 min mile, 1 easy. Between me having to go to the RR and my sore legs from HPL workout, I really struggled!
-EVE-Strectching session with HPL

Friday 5/9
-UBWO with Monica
-1000 yards swam

Sat 5/10
-10 Miles ran with TR and BB

Sun 5/11
Rest Day---Spent time with the mothers, saw Ironman, and played with the pug puppies Joey's aunt and gma got (I want one too!)!

29.7 Ran
9.5 Biked
1000 yds swam
3 Strength, 1 stretch


TriSaraTops said...




solarsquirrel said...

1:25 400's??!!! YOU GIRLS ARE SO FAST!

triguyjt said...

good luck sunday..should i see you before, it'll be a quick hello as I know you'll have your game face on.... You will rock...

TriShannon said...

Yeah... Cleveland marathon week... see you VERY soon!!!

Nathan said...

Ironman was awesome wasn't it? The boys LOVED it!

See you Sunday, run back with oxygen after you finish!