Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Closing the Book

So the more I think about Cleveland marathon, the more irks me!!! While all you worry warts out there can rest assured that I am taking it easy these two weeks, I feel like there is a fire lit under my butt to prove something now!!! So I am closing the book on that pathetic showing and looking forward.

Yet first let's note a few of the good things surrounding Cleveland marathon.

First and foremost-Time with Friends.

The day before I spent time with my ole college roomies and E during a run, the expo and lunch!

TriSaraTops and TriShannon

Trishannon, me and E!!!

Running into friends out on the course like GV here...not to mention all my peeps out there spectating! (I am actually hiding on the other side of him in the pic.)

-Watching other friends putting forth some amazing efforts duing the day like my girl BH with us!!
-The rain ending and the sun coming out!!!
-The beer afterwards!
-The afterparty with with SERC buds!

At least it the weeekend had some real highlights, even if the result was not what I was looking for!


Kim said...

looking good lady! i especially love yours and espeeds jackets :)

TriSaraTops said...

It was so good to see you this weekend!

I am excited to hit the races again with you!

duchossois said...

You may have had a bad day on Sunday, but I love the way you did not let it get you down. That's a quality that means so much more than any one race.

solarsquirrel said...

Look how awesome you look after just completing a marathon! (And a miserable one at that!) You've got it in you to bust out even BETTER than a 3:30 - Cleveland just wasn't you race to do it. Let's try to qualify for Boston at the towpath marathon - flat and bouncy! ;)

Brian said...

No props for me? Come on. I would have ran with you but E yelled at me to get with my group.

Brett S. said...

Great job on the finish. You looked like you were feeling good. Well then again you always seem to look good. My pictures make me look like I just came out of a car wash.

Glad to see the girls were waiting for you at the half.