Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday Riding

Last night went to my normal Wednesday New Vision Cycling workout down in Cuyahoga Falls. Last night's workout was 2.5 mile warm up, (4) 5 mile flat-rolling hills TT intervals, followed by a 2.5 mile cool down.

I was not feeling real motivated to go, but I knew if I skipped it, I would feel off I went.

Turnout was decent, as usual, around 30 riders or so and it was mid 80's so it did not take long for me to start pouring sweat. They sent us off for our 5 miles at 10 second intervals. Here are my times-

14:08 (21.23mph)-caught up quickly to the rider in front of me and probably should have passed sooner as I probably drafted too long
14:38 (20.5mph)-tried keeping up with pair that passed me but lost them on the final hill
14:43 (20.39)-this one felt lonely as the way the order worked out no one I could catch & just one that smoked me and was gone in no time
14:56 (20.09)-tried like heck to keep up with other female who passed me, but I was running on fumes

My chest and lungs felt very tight and tired after the first 5 miles, let alone the way they felt at the end. When I stood up to get up the small hill at the end of the last 5, I had to sit back down because my legs said no. Definitely not negative splits but fairly consistent. Let's just say I slept well last night!

All in all, another fine workout conducted by this group. I continue to enjoy this structured bike workout and find myself pushing much harder than I would otherwise.


Mojo said...

Yep, group training always makes me work harder than I thought I could.

Those are some awesome bike times. Anytime I can stay at 20mph, I'm thrilled. Great job!

Lana said...

Great workout - you are so dedicated!

Papa Louie said...

One of these days I'll have to visit you guys on the workouts. Those are some awesome split times.

Jodi said...

I wish I could make it out on Wednesdays! It sounds like such an awesome workout :)

qcmier said...

That's such a good ride, and those workouts definitely pat off.

You're more than welcome to join in the post workout Mexican food and drink, too.

How did the century go today?