Monday, July 24, 2006

The last two weeks.......

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My goodness time sure does fly! My house is trashed, my bags are still packed, and the laundry is overflowing. Just never enough time!

Anyways here are some of the things that have kept me so busy!

-Vacation in AL 7/15/7/21
-Working fulltime job overtime leading up to vacation trying to squeeze in two weeks or work in one weeks time.
-Working side consulting work trying to get ready for vacation and taking much of that with me on the road...thank goodness for lap tops and zip drives!
- Sister's baby shower, graduation party, and a funeral
-Some taper training on vacation....if only I had a lake like that to swim in all the time.
-My first olmympic tri!!!

Quick tri stats, a write-up to come later...hopefully!

Total time 1.5K swim, 24 mile bike, 10K run = 3:01:35 (150/229 overall, 16/47 females, 5/13 age group)

Swim 39:00 (198/229 overall rank) -so much work to do here, not only is my time slow but the amount of energy I need to use on my pathetic splash of a swim really costs me!

T1 -2:00 - not super fast, but trying to regain composure

Bike-1:24:15 17.1 mph pace(164/229 overall rank)- must practice drinking better without slowing so much, started weak after the swim

T2 - :54 uneventful

Run- 55:28 (143/229 overall rank)- fair, held back due to stomach issues and not wanting to have melt down on the course....was in hot pusuit of bathroom at finish.

While the competitive side of me will inevitably focus on what I could have did better...for now I will focus on the fact that I finished my first olympic tri! The conditions and day could not have been better. It was a great experience without any major trouble and the support of the Cleveland Tri Club (which really represented) and all the wonderful people just made the the experience even better!!

Major props to so many other Clev Tri Club members out there who all had great races at both our Cleveland tri and others such as Tri-Eric completing their ironman races!!

Pictures and more to come when I can get to it!


Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on you 1st olympic race! Hopefully you had fun and took it as a great learing experience for your first olympic distance race.

Lana said...

Congrats!! You are brave to tackle an Oly during your first year of triathlons - I was too chicken last year - just completed my first a week before you!

Can't wait to read the report!

Mojo said...

You did awesome girl! I have never understood why the olympic swim is so long. I mean it's almost as long as a half ironman.

Sounds like you are super busy. Great way to finish strong on the race. You run was excellent!

E-Speed said...

great job girl! To almost break 3 hours while using that much energy on the swim is darn impressive!

Michele said...

Congrats on your first olympic distance.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Way to go DaisyDuc!!! I actually saw you on the run course - you lapped me twice. you had on the CTC shirt and you hair was braided, i think? I recognized you from a pic you had up a while ago, i think...i was going to yell, but simply didn;t have the were trucking, too. Congrats on your first Oly. That is a great time!

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trifrog said...

Great job on completing your first Olympic distance. When I encountered you on the run, I was thinking you were doing the sprint. But you would have surely been done by that time. I guess I wasn't thinking straight.

So you're a couple months into doing your first tri's and you're doing great. I didn't do my first Oly for several years and it still stands as my PR 3 years later. That's because I waited until I was perfectly trained for it. I wish I had started earlier and had room for improvement.