Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The story before the Cleveland Tri

Back about 10 months ago there was a sign at the gym. One of the trainers was looking to get a group of individuals together to train for a triathlon, the Cleveland Triathlon. As one of the gym regulars, the lady at the front desk asked if I might be interested as they were not getting many takers. I thought about it for a week or two because I wanted to make sure that if I signed up for this, that I would see it through. After some time and research I decided that even though I had never done a tri, was not much of a swimmer and did not own a bike, I wanted to do the Olympic Tri. All in all there was 4 us who had signed up.

I spoke with the three others about it several times yet we never ended up organizing any training together. The trainer ended up leaving the gym and there was no group training....but I had made the commitment, so I had to see this through.

I talked to my college roomie, Sara, about getting involved in tri's and she referred me to the Cleveland Tri Club. I joined the tri club and got a great deal with the club discount on my bicycle at Bike Authority, one of the club sponsors. I did not take my new bicycle out for some time due to the weather and not having a trainer. I had not regularly rode a bicycle since I was a kid, and although the first several rides were not pretty, I have come to really enjoy riding.

I started swimming at my gym's 15 yard pool. I went to a swim training with the club which was a reality check. I had thought to purchase goggles the day before but did not think to purchase a swim cap. I had just hoped to not stick out too bad but without a cap it was inevitable. I was so tired afterwards and just felt as though I was really out of my league. My swimming remains weak, yet I know I have come along way from January.

Lastly there was the running....my only comfort zone. I have cut back on my running and did more crosstraining (biking and swimming) in 2006. Somehow this has helped me to drop my running times!

In this journey to complete my first Olympic tri, I have decided to take on a few other firsts such as my first duathlon, & my first sprint tri, a 62 mile bike ride (& a century ride coming up this weekend!!). All of this was set in motion 10 months ago to complete the olympic distance Cleveland Tri, which I finally acheived on Sunday!!! Race details to come.........


Eric said...

Congratulations Daisy. No matter what distance, that first of anything is a big thrill.

Awesome way to stick it out. Your determination is admirable.

TriSaraTops said...

AWESOME! Just think about how far you've come! Proof positive that tri training DOES lower running times, too! I can't wait to work on that next year....:) No way I can catch Daisy Duc though! hee hee

I'll email ya about the century soon--heard Jodi's on board! Yay!

Papa Louie said...

It's funny you run less and yet your running times get better. It must be the cross training. It happened to me too.
You are one hard working lady!
I'll be up in Maine this weekend otherwise I'd do the century with you guys.
Have a safe and FUN ride!

Michele said...

WOW!! You have come a long way in a short time.

qcmier said...

Great Job!!! That first one is always special. You're only going to get better from here.

Kim said...


so proud of you to start, continue and finish a triathlon despite the obstacles!

Mojo said...

Way to stick with something even though all the gym buddies quit.

Look how far you have come. You placed in your very first Tri too. You are talented and a natural.