Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Classic Half Race Report

Official Time: 1:32:47
Official Pace:  7:05
Official Place:  3rd Overall Female behind 1&2 by about 1.5 minute

So again I missed that sub-1:30 goal.  I was not feeling very optimistic the week of the race.  I am still sick and I feel like I have struggled on workouts more.

Race day I woke up feeling generally crappy and after much debate popped a Mucinex D.  I was a bit worried it would affect my heart rate but I knew it would make me feel a bit better.

The husband came with me on this day so it was nice to have some company.  I arrived early but had nearly a mile walk to the race start.  I found a picnic table to wait for things to get started.  It was surprisingly warm (mid 50s) and slightly windy.  About 8:30 I started on my warm-up on the race course.   Just over half a mile in, I decide to double back as I really have to pee and knew there would be a line for the POP.  I got in line by 8:40 but by 8:55 I was not even close and finally got out of line to shed my pants, shirt and get to the starting line.  This was terrible planning on my part.  Had I realized on my warmup that I only needed to go a bit further out and I could have hit the bathroom at the Challet I would have done that...but I did not know!  Lesson noted for next time!!!  Guess if I was going to use one of the POP at this race, I needed a lot more time!!!

So now I am sort of freaked out knowing I was going to have to hold it for at least another hour and a half.  Even worse, I had forgot my inhaler in the car and could not hit that pre-race.  I hate not parking close!!!  Not quite feeling like an ideal start AT ALL as I lined up!  Guess my warm up should have been back to the car to grab it...oh well!

But as the race started, I settled down and tried to focus on the task at hand.  This week I went with no headphones knowing CV would run part of second half with me and there would be a lot of racers and I wanted to be cognizant of those around me.

I was trying to watch the garmin closely those first few miles to pace properly. I was actually feeling pretty relaxed.  I was really glad I had opted for no headphones as I was just trying to stay focused.  The miles were clicking by and I was doing my best to run tangents on the winding road which was pretty easy on the way out.  On the return trip I was counting down the minutes until I would see CV but with every passing minute, my bladder was getting more uncomfy!!!

I had passed one female and was closing on the lead female right ahead of me and her young friends let her know I was coming.  I had almost caught her but the day was catching up to me!!!  As soon as saw CV about mile 6, I said I was not feeling it.  I think I pretty much gave up on the pace at this point and started trying to go about mission-no-meltdown.  As I ran onto the path from the road I got caught up in a lot of traffic or walkers and slower runners from the 5K heading into the finish.  I wasted some energy here and by the time I hit the road, the extra exertion made me have to pee waaaay worse.

I told CV I was going to have to stop at the POP at mile 8ish.  I knew my pace was fading but I was just moving forward...MISERABLE!  As we hit the Challet I changed my mind and passed that bathroom.  I had a feeling if I stopped, I would say screw my time and jog the rest of the way in slowly knowing I was not going to make my goal with a stop.  Not sure if that was the case or maybe I would have felt better but I continued on.

I was now not looking at my garmin and I saw a female close in on me pretty fast.  She went on to take the lead and win it by a 10 second margin over the young female.  I plodded along and was having a hard time running tangents now with all the racers on both sides of the roads and it was obvious as my garmin was now beeping way before the mile markers.

I was soooo happy to make my way onto the path towards the finish and picked it up a bit at the end.  Then I was again side-stepping runners who must have been on lap one running three wide on the tight path.  As I hit the finish line they announced third overall female and they handed me my finishers medal.  I was struggling to catch my breath as now my asthma was flaring.  I am thinking maybe I walked out too fast, as afterwards it seemed a little strange I did not get some kind of award. 

So now I am walking and circling the POP because I am dying to go but I know if I stop walking and hit the POP, that my asthma will get worse.  Ahhhh, I was so torn and DYING!  Finally I was able to settle my breathing down enough to hit the POP.  SWEET SWEET RELIEF.  Picture Adam Sandler and longest pee.  I know TMI but OMG I needed that!

Coach said I should have just relieved myself when I was running.  Ha!!!!!  Well maybe someday but to this day I have still not ventured into that territory while I was racing...!

I walked my sweaty body over to see my husband and grab some water.  Then my coughing fit began with all the funk in the back of my throat.  Technically the 1:32:47 is a PR so I should be happy.  It was not what I was going for but given the circumstances, I will take it.  I am really glad I toughed it out and did not throw in the towel there at mile 8.  Overall, I did feel much better this race than last and know I am gaining running fitness!

The thing that jumped off the page at me was just how high my heart rate got.  Looks like the Mucinex infused run recorded my highest heart rate data ever!

The other major whiff on my part was some body glide!  I was SOOO chaffed between my legs, under my arms and even on my wrist from my garmin!  This led to a painful shower at CV's post race but I was still thankful to just get that shower....as was my husband!!!!  :-)

Garmin said 13.24 miles,  7:01 average pace

Split Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 6:41 173 179
2 6:49 179 180
3 6:47 179 180
4 6:55 180 181
5 6:50 180 181
6 6:53 180 181
7 7:01 179 180
8 7:04 179 180
9 7:16 179 180
10 7:16 179 180
11 7:20 181 183
12 7:21 184 185
13 7:23 186 196


Heather-O said...

You are seriously a rock star! that 1:30 goal will come soon enough!!! (I wish my "good" races were as good as your "bad" races...lol).

E-Speed said...

PR Pace = ok to pee your race shorts. :)

Great job on a day when the stars weren't lining up the way we all want them to. way to hang tough and not cash it in!

Matthew Smith said...

You're amazing! I'm running a half on Thursday, but 1:50 is the goal. If we'd run together, you would have had time to get a shower, eat a Thanksgiving meal, go for a bike ride and still be back to see me finish. You rock! Way to go on a PR! Good for you!

The Salty One said...

I'm bummed you missed your goal. I know you're more than capable of it. For whatever reason you just had a couple of shitty days. Plus, I think it's really hard to run fast longer races in the fall after your goal long race. It's hard to be motivated enough to put it all out there. I have no doubt if it was in the late spring or early fall you would nail it! Oh well. On to the next one! Great job hanging in there for the pr!

iliketoast said...

Plenty in that run to be confident of a sub 90. Seriously high HR and was a strong perfromance that the time doesn't reflect as it should.

LittleRachet said...


allanjel said...

Just pee yourself already, all the fast girls do! If nothing else we will have something to look back and laugh about.