Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trakkers Info

On the Trakkers front, here are some exciting developments that may benefit you!  

All3Sports.com is back as an official team sponsor!  Not only are they supporting us, but they are extending discounts for our friends, family and YOU!  So next time you find yourself in need of Tri equipment go to www.all3sports.com and enter this code: GOTRAKKERS for 15% off your entire purchase.   Follow them on Twitter@All3Sportscom.

Rev3 is also in on the friends and family discount action. You can get $10 off your Rev3 registration using this code: TRAKKERS14.  You'll be prompted to enter as you register on Active.com. To keep up on all things Rev3 please follow on Twitter @Rev3Tri.

SBR Sports is also back on as a sponsor and tody only you get 40% OFF all TRISWIM, TRISLIDE & FOGGLE Products for the next 24 hours! Go to www.sbrsportsinc.com or www.triswimbeauty.com and enter this code at checkout: FEB0140 Free Shipping every day if you spend $50 & up!  Lord knows I need to stock up on this stuff with my pasty dry winter skin!

Also just announced, REV3 Coaching!  Did you know that @rev3tri offers free training plans? They also offer advanced plans as well created by Joanna Zeiger and Carole Sharpless!  More info can be found here!  http://www.rev3tri.com/!/coaching/plans.htm

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Andy Rosebrook said...

GO Team Trakkers!!